Death Stranding for PC Will Release on Epic Game Store and Steam at the Same Time

If you were wondering whether Death Stranding for PC would be exclusive to this or that digital storefront or not, wonder no more. It won't be.
505 games confirmed simultaneous release on Epic Game Store and Steam with a press release.

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CaptainTravel7d ago

We shouldn’t be seeing this on consoles either, where is the vocal outcry there? Epic is a crappy launcher but on consoles you are looking at hundreds of dollars to get the hardware just to play third party exclusives.

2pacalypsenow7d ago

PC is not the same as consoles.

Consoles have exclusives to differentiate each console from another one, to make people buy your console over the competition.

PC is an open platform.

MasterCornholio7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Why would this game using an Engine by Guerilla Games come out on the other console platforms?

Sony has to get something out of the deal with Kojima due to letting him use their engine.

PC is a pretty popular platform and many people will have access to this game so it isn't a huge loss that it's console exclusive to the most popular console platform.

CaptainTravel7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Mastercornholio, I was speaking about crap like Call of Duty and Final Fantasy VIi remake and Tomb Raider. Death Stranding should not come to other consoles because it is produced by Sony. A partnership with Kojima, a collaboration where Sony funded or helped fund the project.

2pac, that still doesn’t help the consumer now does it? Sounds even more anti consumer than what Epic is doing. How do timed deals in games like Destiny get less criticism than another pc launcher?


I'm pretty sure whatever timed deal you are talking about wasn't said to be coming to all platforms than announced to be exclusive after advertising on xbox.

Blu3_Berry7d ago

Good, that's how it should be. Enough of this 3rd party exclusivity crap on PC.

CaptainTravel7d ago

Steam changed its policy so that games have to come out within 30 days. Brilliant move by Valve.

Blu3_Berry7d ago

Indeed, its a pretty bold and clever move. It works perfectly.

Magic_Spatula7d ago

When did that happen? I know they had a policy in place years ago where if you signed to release a product on Steam, you're obligated to do so even if you release said product on another platform earlier. Either way, it is a great move by Valve.

CaptainTravel7d ago

Valve recently added that any new title on pc must come to Steam or it won’t be sold on it. This puts huge pressure on publishers who might want to take the easy money from Epic but lose out on a much larger audience.

rainslacker6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Clever in terms of business. But shouldn't gamers be just as mad about that as what Epic is doing? Steam is basically saying that you have to consider them within 30 days, or give them up completely. They aren't even offering any incentive other than not losing the chance to release on their platform. At least Epic is offering the publishers something in return for their consideration.

These kinds of policies were criticized to hell and back last gen between Xbox and PlayStation, yet now it's a smart move?

The amount of mind bending selective outrage in the gaming community really is pretty impressive.

Would it be a good move for Epic to do this? Or is it not because people want to hate Epic? People talk about how PC is supposed to be all open and free and benefit the consumer. But, Steam does a 30 day parity clause, and it's a smart move? Apparently it should only be free for whatever the consumer wants, not what the publisher wants, or even what is good for the publisher.

Can you not see the rampant hypocrisy of calling this policy from Steam a good thing?

CaptainTravel6d ago

Rainslacker, Steam just doesn’t want to be treated as a second class citizen. They are not forcing any exclusivity. I get what you are saying but Valve has to protect themselves too and gamers are supportive of it. The big difference we saw when Sony mandated its terms last gen was they wanted some exclusive content for late releases and then still charge full price.

Reefskye6d ago

@Rainslacker, EPIC was making deals to benefit their company and other companies which in turn limited consumer choice of where to buy the game, Steam isn't punishing consumers with it's 30 day clause, it's telling other business if you want to ever be on steam you can't release more than 30 days later, if anything it's forcing EPIC to play fairer and actually compete for people's money and give people incentives to use their launcher, not just ham fisting your way in to a market by spending money on exclusives, if they want in to that market maybe they should make a console.

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King_Noctis7d ago

But on console it is ok? Isn’t that abit selective ?

OpenGL6d ago

Sony helped fund development of the game and gave Kojima a proprietary game engine to use.

MasterCornholio7d ago

That's pretty good news especially since the EGS is a bit behind Steam in terms of features.

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