TR: NEC MultiSync LCD24WMGX3 24in Monitor review

Riyad Emeran writes:

"NEC has, unsurprisingly, created a very good 24in monitor. What you've got here is a screen aimed at gamers, that has been built to the same exacting standards that NEC builds its professional image editing screens. It's a shame that the LCD24WMGX3 doesn't have the same stand that I've seen on previous NEC screens, but that's one of the very few criticisms that I can level at this display. The big question is whether you're willing to pay the substantial asking price, and that's a decision that only you can make. If you can afford it and you want a truly excellent 24in display, then go right ahead, but others may well find the temptation to buy two 24in screens for the same price a bit too tempting."

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