Guerilla and Sucker Punch Celebrate Death Stranding's Launch With Some Sweet Artwork

Sucker Punch Productions and Guerilla Games went to Twitter today to show love and support for Hideo Kojima's launch of Death Stranding.

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greysun1237d ago

Yeah we need more sony collabs in our lives.

Thundercat777d ago

I love how the PlayStation studios always support each other. That kind of collaboration is very inspiring.

Abnor_Mal7d ago

Do any of the other big two ever do anything like that?

cochise3137d ago

Xbox doesn't have any studios with quality games this gen and nintendo's devs are all in house.

ifrit_caress7d ago

Am I the only one who thinks this spirit of teamwork and collaboration is only possible with Sony's Playstation studio's?

mkis0077d ago

I wonder if WWS will ever do a full on collaboration game where they pool a bunch of the 14 studios to create something huge...

Thundercat776d ago

You could. You just haven't unlocked that skill yet.

ShockUltraslash7d ago

Does Aloy get naked shower scenes like Sam?

Thundercat776d ago

Are you taken therapies with a psychiatrist?