Death Stranding is a terrible story, but a wonderful puzzle

Kojima’s writing is clumsy, yet somehow he’s delivered a great game

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telekineticmantis7d ago

I haven't finished it, but it seems engaging right now.

CaptainTravel7d ago

Kojima was never known for engaging or believable story telling, which is why I question his fanatics, but his games are enjoyable to play.

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cochise3137d ago

I'm loving the game so far. Like Kojima said, it isn't for everyone.

telekineticmantis7d ago

I don't understand why People can't just leave it at that....?

Legendary_N7d ago

Same goes for those that love the game though. Why can't they leave it at not everyone will love it like they do? Why must negative reviews be bias/clickbait/dudebro?

Hungryalpaca7d ago

Because it’s not a rooty tooty shoot em in the booty game. If it isn’t high octane action it sucks apparently.

telekineticmantis7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Fans of the game, have been saying it's not for you/everybody for Months now, they aren't making videos directed to you, they at most respond to People who are making definitive claims or saying People who like the Game are in a Cult.

A Guy just suggested I'm having Oral Sex with Sony, just because I like a Game are you serious?

TK-667d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Because this is a gaming forum... Where we talk about games... And sometimes argue... It's literally what the site is designed for...

Also, I hope you're taking that line to the people screaming at reviewers for their opinion.

silenthillstrangler7d ago

Because all these kojimaphiles would attack any other game with the same mundane gameplay mechanic yet this one is praised because an overrated "artist" made it.

telekineticmantis7d ago

Well at it's base it's an Adventure game Game:



engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.

"they had adventured into the forest"

And it had probably the best Adventure Mechanics I've ever seen.
Remember 2 years ago when Breath of the Wild came out, and everyone raved about how you can climb anywhere as long as you plan out the stamina well. Well this has that to another level.

Then you have the Social Strand elements that make you feel like you're getting places you shouldn't be, but someone left a rope or ladder or Bike and as soon as you look like all hope is lost, your being chased by ghosts or enemies you see a ladder in the distance, you run there and just make it out.

I just love the unpredictability.

zumlauf147d ago

"why can't people just leave it at that?" You're the same person that cries when journalists review that game low because they DIDN'T ENJOY IT. It "wasn't for them". Hypocrites.

telekineticmantis7d ago

Zumlauf14 You're a liar, show me. I haven't left a negative comment on a review yet.

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bluefox7557d ago (Edited 7d ago )

No game is for everyone, but this one is pretty great, doesn't feel niche like that journos are making it out be, and I'm someone that mostly plays only Jrpgs. AAA games don't have to be dudebro action games, honestly, I'd rather see them branch out a bit.

MeteorPanda7d ago

what exactly do you like of it tho?

Tecate7d ago

I love the hate...honestly tho u guys can't really say this is good rite? It's impossible I'd be pissed if I spent money on this. I'm still watching this dude walk and balance and check his inventory.

AnubisG7d ago

It's something differnt from your usual shootfest and it's not good because of that?

Why are you keep watching it if you hate it so much? Move on than, play or watch a game you like man!

Tecate7d ago

Im not watching it anymore...And definitely not buying it

AnubisG7d ago


It's not everyones cup of tea and that is ok.

zumlauf147d ago (Edited 7d ago )

different =/= good. "It DoEsN't HaVe GuNs So It'S uNiQUe". He never said it "wasn't good because it wasn't a shooter". That"s your fanboy defense mechanism. It's not "GOOD" for the exact reason its game mechanics are being labeled "mundane, tedious, borring". Even from high scored reviews that are simple kojima PEEPEE rides. I can think of countless games that was "different from your usual shooter" but ended up being complete garbage.

AnubisG7d ago


Maybe read his other comments before you go on a rant.

Again, if you don't like the game, that is fine. I never said everyone has to but many people want this to be more action oriented and that means more shooting.

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sprinterboy7d ago

Still watching? Your dumb as fuk

Hungryalpaca7d ago

This is probably the worst troll account I’ve ever seen. I guess racing games suck. All you do is drive in circles.

rainslacker6d ago

Nope. Sometimes you can turn right. :)

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