Death Stranding: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Zhiqing writes: "Before you dive headfirst into Death Stranding, here are a few essential beginner tips to help give you a smoother start to your journey."

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Tiqila6d ago

"the early hours of the game are pretty brutal, as you’re left with basically no tools or equipment to help with your deliveries."

The game is pretty easy. Played for ten hours without dying once. Was even thinking that it might be impossible to die by design. I'm a very casual player so it's not because of my skill. Died shitloads of times in the first minutes of Bloodborne...

DigitallyAfflicted6d ago

I Don't want read a guide for this one, I want to explore and learn stuff without the spoilers.

And by the way this game is good but might not be for everyone

bluefox7556d ago (Edited 6d ago )

No game is for everyone, I'm not sure why people keep saying this. For instance, I don't like CoD, but I don't say that game isn't for everyone.

goldwyncq6d ago

The game becomes much more enjoyable after you unlock the use of bikes and other vehicles in episode 3.