Blizzard explains how Diablo IV is different from Diablo III

"At BlizzCon, I had a chance to chat with Diablo IV lead systems designer David Kim and lead lighting artist Sean Murphy about the new game."

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mrmikew20187d ago

That’s an easy one; one has “3” and the other has “4”!!!!


Ok I’ll see myself out. ;)

spicelicka7d ago

actually one has III and the other has IV ;)

TargusX7d ago

No 1 - it's online only. Fail.

CaptainTravel7d ago

So was Diablo III and it sold very well. Fail for you who can’t enjoy a game that needs a connection. I’ve had Diablo III since it came out and it still plays just fine, thank you for asking.

william_cade7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

You can play D3 without a connection. Online optional for consoles. PC Diablo maybe?

TheGamez1007d ago

Yikes, someone defending an always online game lol.

CaptainTravel7d ago

Yes on pc you need a connection and it sold extremely well on pc. The online is to control hacks and to keep the game alive with new content and updates. Plus with the monetized marketplace to keep cheats out.

If people can get past the whole notion of being online there are indeed a ton of benefits.

william_cade7d ago

It's going to be a an MT filled live service with the meatheads at blizzard in control of your account?

william_cade7d ago

The decision to go live service direction let me down in a big way.

antikbaka7d ago

number one: it will have DLC and loot boxes

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