Death Stranding's Product Placement Is Pretty Grim

Cultured Vultures: Death Stranding features some of the most in your face product placement in a game we've seen in a long time.

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TheOptimist7d ago

I don't see a problem. Spiderman movies have the most in your face Sony product placements.
I just see the irony that this game was also produced in part with the help of Sony and wonder how they did not do Sony product placements.

Segata7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

This is after the end of the world. Nothing is around yet Monster Energy is and is basically the only source of hydration for a man walking for hundreds of miles. He would die of thirst. His thermos turns water into monster energy. Corps like Monster Energy should not exist in this word. It upends the tone and immersion. It just reminds me of Idiocracy where they water the plants with Gatorade. "It's got what plants crave"

It's a little different in Spiderman where it's a fully living world and plus Peter loves seeing his image marketed everywhere. Spider-Man has a very different world and tone. DS is supposed to feel grim and desolate not a Mad Max super bowl commercial for Pepsi or something.

antarius6d ago

It’s a game relax everyone

rainslacker6d ago

Given all the chemicals in monster energy, it may be one of the few beverages that may actually survive the apocalypse. Monster energy drinks and Twinkies are the sustenance of the future.

darthv726d ago

Idiocracy... my 2nd favorite Mike Judge film (1st is Office Space) and yes... this is a post apocalyptic world and Monster is the only beverage. Im surprised twinkies arent in there. I mean they obviously last a long time too. As seen in another futuristic desolate America movie... Wall-E

S2Killinit6d ago

I think the whole point is to show that the chemical packed beverage is what is left of humanity.

UltraNova6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Rain, you've just reminded me(twinkies) I need to go see Zombieland 2!

That said, on product placement - yeah its a game (so who cares)and yeah its still kinda obnoxious to see monster drinks and TV show placements in Death Stranding, it goes against the post-apocalyptic super depressing setting...

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HentaiElmo6d ago

@the opttimst well at leas got less product placement than Xbox Live😱😂

6d ago
Hardiman7d ago

So it's in other games, movies and tv shows.

zodiac9096d ago

People ACTUALLY disagree with you, about product placements being in other forms of entertainment...what a joke this community is

Hardiman6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

It really is. You have the same goons creating new accounts to just stir things up. Or to just downvote people's joy or enjoyment. Toxicity is a thing. Saulgood though no skin off my back!

sprinterboy6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Crazy buddy I know. This article is like something my grandma would have done and written to the BBC in her disgust cause she had nothing better to do in her later years lol.
Were supposed to be cool gamers not get our knickers in a twist like a bunch of OAPs ffs.
What are we? Like 65 year old moaners or cool gamers.
Stand up to MT and loot boxes sure but this? Pmsl the youth of today.

Lon3wolf6d ago

It is but it does not make it any less grim no matter where it is.

Hardiman6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I'd say toxicity in our culture is a bigger issue than advertisements.

JackBNimble6d ago

Toxicity , are you offended too , did someone hurt your feelings?

You can't figure out why you got disagree's over your comment?

timotim6d ago

MT's are in other games too...but how many people have a problem with them? Just because others do it, doesn't make it ok.

CDbiggen7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Yes, it is pretty tacky. The end of the world has happened and the only thing to survive intact was Monster.

DarkZane7d ago

That thing is so radioactive it can survive the end of the world.

ImGumbyDammit7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

It could have been funny with Sony now owning Insomniac and the Sunset Overdrive IP would have been replacing Monster with OverCharge Delirium XT vending machines.

THC CELL6d ago

Oh shut the Fk up if it its just a game and also it makes money if that the case it's much better than micro tran. And fifa been doing it for years on billboard I suppose its one rule for one company and another on this site. Oh ye take a shi. T u see Norman reedus ride ad woopy a spoiler for ya.

It's same with last of us and I'm gunna give u a massive example right now and I hope it hits the most of u pretty hard call of mega supper duper duty ya no king of the world game everyone arse licks a soldier walks upto a chained up dog and shoots it for barking a dog that doing it job protecting its territory chained up. Yet the last of us she getting attacked and it makes headlines

I stand by my problem one rule for one and another for others

Rant over

6d ago
sprinterboy6d ago

What the fuck was that! English?

CDbiggen6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Easy bro, just having us a conversation.
Seriously though, all I said is that it was tacky, don't overreact

MajorLazer6d ago

Real football matches have advertising billboards...

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sprinterboy6d ago

Suggest you get a life buddy.

CDbiggen6d ago

How mean. Why are you so angry?

THC CELL6d ago

Coming from someone who trolling on a weekend

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timotim7d ago ShowReplies(6)
PertySlick7d ago

I thought the best use of in-game product placement was Rainbow Six Vegas. The billboards and ads constantly changing actually added to the immersion of the game.

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