PopMatters: Pure review

Darwin Hang writes:

"All Terrain Vehicles are known for their attempts to cover all types of ground, and cover all types of ground regarding Pure is what we are going to do today. Now that the "next-gen" is the "now-gen", certain terms are becoming redundant when describing the video game experience. For example: Pure looks great, and in fact it looks so good and plays so smoothly that I sometimes felt as if I was doing a superman seat grab. It turns out that I was just the sitting on my couch and was not actually gliding through the air, five hundred feet above ground, flipping around on a four wheeled scooter."

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remanutd553723d ago

where are all the pure fans? i bet this was a motorstorm pacific rift score all the kids would be here saying pure is better lol

remanutd553719d ago

see you guys in murderstorm lol