So Many Great Games, So Little Time

David writes:

"I remember last year when GameTrailers ran with a video that asked "Is 2007 the best year of video games ever?". In the video, analysts and reputable writers talked about the 2007 holiday lineup like we would never see anything like it again. Well, as any gamer can tell you, the 2008 game line-up has turned out to be everything 2007 was - and then some. There are so many games, I can't possibly afford them all. And given my gaming budget, that's really saying something. Still, I have to draw the line somewhere, and for me that line falls at around six or seven $60 titles monthly. The problem is, even the ones I can afford, I don't have time to play. As a result, I am going to have to wait and play catch up during the upcoming lean months of early 2009. Thankfully, there aren't a whole lot of big name video games coming out for a while."

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