Last Remnant No Longer $40 on Amazon After Platinum Famitsu Review

The Last Remnant, a game previously doomed to the bargain bin before it was even released, has received a near perfect score from prestigious Japanese gaming mag Weekly Famitsu. The game got a 10/10/9/9 and a shiny Platinum Award. Amazon, which had previously been selling the game for a mere $40.00, must have been reading.

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keanerie3626d ago

shoulda picked this up when it was on da cheap

tortella3626d ago

It got 7/10 from OXM

It is a flop game

OGharryjoysticks3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Normally an online purchase is not charged until it ships and at that time the MSRP is used. I've never used Amazon so I can't say if people who put an order through already will actually get the lower price, but good luck to them.

PirateThom, I was thinking about buying the Destrroy All Humans new game coming out in December because I want it and Gamestop has it listed right now for 39.99 and they say you get a free bobblehead too. Do you know if Gamestop is one of the stores that follows that rule?

PirateThom3626d ago

They will.

Most stores have a guarantee that if you buy it, that's the price you will be charged, unless they cancel the order (for example, the price is way to low, due to an error), but they'll always inform you and never process it without permission.

3626d ago
CloudsEnd3626d ago

Ha, that made me laugh lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.