Need for Speed Heat Review - IGN

While Need for Speed Heat feels a little more like a mosaic of existing concepts rather than something especially trendsetting, Ghost has certainly scraped these ideas from some of the most-loved games in the now 25-year-old series. Heat doesn’t always sizzle but it’s definitely much hotter than I’d expected. This is easily the most impressive Need for Speed game in many years.

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OldGuyStillGaming7d ago

I played it for a couple hours yesterday right before I jumped into Death Stranding and yes this game is the best NFS in years.
I want to jump back into it to mess around with the tuning because there is a-lot of customizing and tuning to play with.
Another great thing.. it’s not online only
You can chose solo free roam

Movefasta19937d ago

I'll pick it up at around half the price, it does look good tho.

Sgt_Slaughter7d ago

Buying it used would be a good idea too if you're going to buy it at all

Movefasta19937d ago

Never used @Sgt, I'll pick it up for £25 in 4 months or less in amazon, I just don't respect EA enough to buy it at full price.

Movefasta19937d ago

I heard it was improved, they done away with that break to drift crap from the past 5 or so games starting with hot pursuit.

OldGuyStillGaming7d ago

The handling of the car is mostly up to the player on how you want it to handle.
The first few cars I got I had to tune each one.
But so far the cars feel and sound amazing

CaptainTravel7d ago

Good to hear. So many games to play so I might wait for it to be on sale

ButtAnihilator7d ago

I'm glad it's not another payback! I'd like it so much if they remade underground 2 though.