New Super Lucky's Tale Review - A Super Fun Time | Cultured Vultures

New Super Lucky’s Tale takes what was originally a great platforming game and improves it exponentially.

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After10Ben7d ago

I'm surprised Playful Studios hasn't ported their decent minecraft clone Creativerse to consoles.

ButtAnihilator7d ago

Wait, there's a new one? Neat!

Neonridr7d ago

this is the XB1 version ported over to the Switch, much like Cuphead and Ori were.

CaptainTravel7d ago

The Xbox one game looked like trash though, did they improve it? The VR game was fun.

Neonridr6d ago

@CaptainTravel - The VR game was great, but that's because it was in VR. This is just a platformer, so obviously less appeal. I'm pretty sure it's basically the same game.