Modern Warfare Update 1.07 File Size and Patch Notes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare users can now download update 1.07 for the game. This brings in new maps, modes, and makes a ton of changes.

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Newmanator11d ago

”725 Shotgun: Increase to ADS and Hip Spread, reduced damage range”-All I need to read

JeffGUNZ10d ago

Haven't played since the patch but i am sure it still is. Hip-fire is easy enough so ADS isn't necessary all the time. Also, no patch to slugs going across the continental united states??

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Rikimaru197711d ago

this is all i needed to hear. good to see that these dev do listen to the community.

"Fix for a bug where the Infiltrator challenge was not tracking properly"
"725 Shotgun: Increase to ADS and Hip Spread, reduced damage range"

KyRo10d ago

They're not listening which is why people are frustrated. The SBMM is breaking the game, not because it's making it a sweat fest, because its putting people in lobbies over the other side of the world with 250 ping. We shouldn't be getting continual hitmarkers or die before even seeing the enemy, just so it can put me in a lobby of people on my skill level in sacrifice of a good connection. It does nothing but put you at a disadvantage.

There's a thread on reddit with over 9000 upvotes right now about it and all the other threads about SBMM are being removed by mods. It's a massive issue that they're trying to sweep under the carpet.

BenRC0110d ago

Good. I hope they're not listening. Make a game and stand by it, if they change everything that a bunch of reddit nuts want it'll be a disaster.

KyRo10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Those reddit nuts are there to talk directly to the devs as they also use it to communicate to the community. I'm mostly happy with the game as a whole but the connection issues caused by something as poorly implemented as SBMM is wrong. Connection should come first in any multiplayer game.

GortJester11d ago

Sadly for the changes they’ve made that have been great with this patch... still having issues with challenges staying selected and counting...

PhoenixRising3710d ago

"challenges are receiving widespread testing"

gopon10d ago

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UnholyLight10d ago

Thank you for the 725 adjustments. I hate that gun so much and how easily everyone can kill you with it, that I have now JOINED that crowd and use it in my custom kits. Also dear god PLEASE have fixed the absolutely horrible footstep sound. I love using a headset in games like BF where you can actually TELL where the footsteps are coming from and how far away the enemy or friendly might be. In MW it seems like you can never truly set up an ambush or have battle awareness in knowing if the enemy is nearby or 20m away in front/beside/behind you... It's so frustrating.

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The story is too old to be commented.