If You Enjoyed The Metal Gear Games, Then You'll Probably Like Death Stranding

More than 50% of the devs at Kojima Productions are Metal Gear vets, and that says a lot.

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Harryvok7d ago

I enjoyed MGS 1, 2 and 4, but I thought MGS V was one of the most boring games I’d ever played.

Wonder how DS compares.

nucky647d ago

how did you not like MGS3?????????????

Harryvok4d ago

Didn't get around to playing it.

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

Probably, probably not. MGS typically had a nice focus on its story and gameplay. DS pales in comparison to all the gameplay systems of MGS. The stealth is no where near MGS3, its depth of options is limited to just a handful of weapons and secondary items. Its main focus is roaming around delivering and not tripping on things. I'd say if you're a big fan of MGS, you probably WON'T like Death Stranding. Its repetitive, tedious, boring, annoying, empty, and lacks the gameplay depth of MGS. I wish Kojima would just turn DS into a tv series so I can experience the story without having to play the thing.

jukins6d ago

Hey look here you are again lol you've done nothing but comment on how much you think ds sucks for the past week. I'd seriously love to know exactly how much youve played it to form such a strong opinion.

DaDrunkenJester6d ago

Well when every other article is of Death Stranding, what else am I to do? And I'm sure you would like to know how much I've played it.

jukins6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Theres literally 100s of other stories you havent commented on. It's sad you so triggered that people like the game. I love it so far. Collectors edition well worth it.

Side note I really don't need to know how much you've played lol it's very telling that you havent played a bit let alone bought the game.

jimbost796d ago

"Well when every other article is of Death Stranding, what else am I to do?"
You've obviously played enough of the game to know that you don't like it, so why don't you try this.
When rdr2 was released. I bought the game, played enough to know I didn't like it then traded it in. After that I never went to an article about it ever again.
You don't have read about it or comment on it, especially if you don't like it.
Why would you want to read, let alone comment on a game you obviously don't like.
You should go to articles of games you do like and comment there and add something positive, instead of being a negative twat. You aren't going to change anyone's mind about the game, why would you even want to?

Hardiman6d ago

I'm loving the world, lore, characters and the strand concept! Also BT encounters are no joke! Pretty scary stuff.

jukins6d ago

I cant stop playing. Even after going the early chapters alot of it some of what weve seen. Actually playing it is a very different experience.


The first car ride to the incinerator you know whats gonna happen but again actually seeing it on your own screen that whole sequence the mule the huge bt your comrade compassionately killing driver then attempting to do the same to himself. Very engrossing

Hardiman6d ago

Me either. I played until 3:30 this morning! Haven't done that in a long time.

Positivelypositive 6d ago

MGS4 was my favorite.
MGSV has been hard to hook me.

I miss the solo sneaking missions. Base building and mission hubs are really out of place feeling.

Maybe DS is exactly what I am looking for. Maybe.

Bismarn6d ago

Headline as it appears on home page:
If You Enjoyed The Metal Gear Games, Then You'll Probably Like Death
I think the short version is more accurate

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