Death Stranding is pretty much Iceland roaming simulator 2019

Rejoice! The long sought after and highly anticipated Kojima game is finally out and it's bloody beautiful looking. But, it all seems a little too familiar.

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7d ago
telekineticmantis7d ago

It's as much a Walking Simulator as Mario is a Jumping Simulator.

SolidGamerX7d ago

Or Sea of Thieves a boating simulator. "Walking simulator" is just the latest in disparaging buzzwords the haters have crafted to downplay the game. When they have little to actually legit complain about they find the simplest troll phrase they can and they roll with it.

telekineticmantis7d ago

He released his Clickbait article a little late, now that People can get their hands on it.

TK-667d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Dude,the term has existed for over a decade in gaming. I think you need to tone down the victim mentality.

darthv727d ago

SoT may not be a boating simulator but it is a pirate simulator. And a pretty fun one at that. And honestly, walking simulator can be used on pretty much any game where there is a copious amount of walking to get where you want to go. It's not a new term, by any means.

7d ago
SolidGamerX6d ago

@ TK-66

I never said it was a new term I said its the latest to be used to attack THIS game, learn to read. Now you can tone down your bully mentality.

SolidGamerX6d ago


Never said it was a new term I said its the latest to be used to troll and downplay Death Stranding along with other terms like "fetch quest".

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telekineticmantis7d ago

One is a Dime a dozen, the other is a Diamond in the rough.

FanboySpotter7d ago

You're just salty. You call mario a jumping simulator -mario literally IS Jumpman. He debuted as "Jumpman" lmao ds didn't you don't have to get mad about video games 😂 if you enjoy ds play it. People that enjoy ds will not be able to convince others that its fun just like people that find it boring will never convince others that it's boring it's just how this game is it's not for everyone

7d ago
SolidGamerX7d ago

That's awesome Iceland is a really beautiful place, wouldn't mind "roaming" around in it.

BizarroUltraman7d ago

FoH I'll just go to youtube and watch a damn drone video of Iceland for that. Now that I think about it Death Stranding should've been made as a PSVR exclusive.

Silly gameAr7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

You can't play Death Stranding on xbox man, so you might as well look up a youtube video. How can so many people that had no intentions of playing the game in the first place, have so many opinions about it?

Elda7d ago

It should have been made both ways to play,on screen & VR.

shammgod7d ago

Will you though? Will you?

SolidGamerX6d ago

Not the same thing at all but you enjoy your drone video.

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smolinsk7d ago

Go for it. If you like exploring on crazy beautiful places and where you don't need to be afraid of dangerous animals, Iceland is that, it's like walking around in an open world computer game, no rules just go anywhere..

KickSpinFilter7d ago

Well except walking on the lava could disappear and never be seen again.

KickSpinFilter7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Same! Had my honeymoon in Iceland, place was incredible. Wanna go back and show my 11year old daughter Iceland.
Think I'm just gonna pick this game up for that reason alone, (although there are others).

MetalGearAlex7d ago

It's a great game. Just as much as Outer Worlds is a "Talking Simulator".

NecrumOddBoy7d ago

Haha this made me chuckle.

I don't think 99% these critics even have the slightest understanding of journalism or game culture anymore.

Walking simulator is term for a story heavy game that requires minimal gameplay, or more commonly known as an interactive storybook in first person.

GamerRN7d ago

What about a game where the main gameplay is literally walking and traversing???

rainslacker7d ago

That could be used to describe almost any game where you can walk around. What's important to defining it as a walking sim or not is what you can do in addition to just walking and traversing. Also, the ways in which you can walk and traverse, and what happens should you deviate from just walking and traversing.

The people who want to call it a walking sim seem to not consider any of the part past just walking and traversing. Things which the reviews have described, and you'd think they read them all since they keep saying they read these reviews said that the game isnt fun, even though most of them dont say that

JackBNimble7d ago

I watched a few hours of game play this morning, and besides sitting through hours of cut scenes all you do is walk and balance trying not to fall.
This game is the very definition of walking simulator.

7d ago
pornflakes6d ago

Comparing DS to an RPG - ouch.... You seem to be very frustrated with the Reviews.

Poor Fanboy :)

CrimsonWing697d ago

Well consider me a "roaming simulator" fan, now!

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The story is too old to be commented.