Netflix isn't keen on streaming games through its platform – here's why

Netflix won't become a hub for game streaming anytime soon, if recent comments by CEO Reed Hastings are anything to go by.

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Psychotica10d ago

If it's like their movie service you would never find the game you wanted to play..

HusbandAndWifeGaming10d ago

After axing their deal with Telltale and bankrupting them in the process it's no surprise they aren't interested. The disruptors have become the status quo.

lodossrage10d ago

It's just like the article says, streaming games is harder and more costly than streaming tv shows or movies. Which is EXACTLY what I've been saying the moment this "netflix for games" notion was brought about.

Plus Netflix is already in debt as it is. If they tried their hands at at gaming service they more than likely wouldn't be able to maintain it. Think about it, there's a reason they keep raising the cost. Just saying