Game Industry Sales Are Strong, But Hardware Sales Are Plummeting

There's no question that this generation's software and innovations in streaming services have seen massive success. While sales on these items have gone up in the past year, the revenue generated from hardware has gone down.

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Hardiman7d ago

End of the generation for the big two. Let's come back in 3 years and see what's up! Before this gen there was Doom and gloom about console sales but look how this gen went down.

kernel7d ago

Big two? As far as I’m concerned it’s Sony>Nintendo > Microsoft

darthv727d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Technically it is the end of a gen for the big two, Sony and MS. Nintendo is already in their 9th gen and wont likely reach their gen end until 2022

isarai7d ago

Um yeah, the end of a generation usually is accompanied by slowed down sales as most of the market has the system they want, and everyone's got their eyes on next gen instead.

sprinterboy7d ago

I'm still amazed ps4 is selling 200,000 plus a month tbh this late on. I didn't expect below 50,000 like xbox either but I kinda thought it would be around the 125,000 or something.
I guess ps4 will start to drop off more around February just after January sales cause it'll only be 8 months till ps5 then?

Stanjara7d ago

Exactly! 200k a month sounds pretty solid to me.

Fist4achin7d ago

Yup, and the same with sales of cars, phones, etc... when a new generation is on the verge of release.

AlphaCentyros6d ago

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. No need to panic people, consoles aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

locomorales7d ago

A reflection of falling hardware sales may be noted at Sony and Nintendo. Both companies no longer have two platforms to have one. If we look at sales of PS3 + PSP or PS4 + Vita and Wii + DS or WiiU + 3DS, we will see how companies have changed their business model.

Sony has focused its efforts on the home platform and is attacking straming. Nintendo has focused on laptops and is attacking the mobile.

Let's see how far this trend goes.

The Wood6d ago

you changed your comment......... Now mine makes zero sense lol

kernel6d ago

I think he’s just pointing out that there are less supported consoles for sale thanks to Nintendo going hybrid, and Sony dropping portable.

Stanjara6d ago

Yes and no. Sony and Nintendo are having a great time selling consoles and games. They are having such a great time, that others want to join the party. Market culture change (fast internet) and mobile phones are faster evolving platforms, even thou they are not bought initially for gaming. So Sony and Nintendo have to adapt. They are not attacking streaming or in Nintendo case mobile, but they do have to have an answer in a long run to stay competitive. One thing that they have against its competition are games, and that will keep the wheal going forward.

CrimsonWing697d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I feel like people who are unqualified to talk about certain subject matters, maybe would benefit from a subject matter expert... just sayin’

RememberThe3577d ago

You mean like the folks at

Muzikguy7d ago

And gamingbolt and quite a few others

sprinterboy7d ago

I only watch angry Joe these days and listen to sacred symbol.
I've long fucked off from IGN, kinda funny games and other youtubers who just repeat the BS top 3 headlines of the day and quote the article we just read on n4g or eurogamer 12hrs before.

rainslacker6d ago likes to act like it's somehow in tune and knowledgeable about this stuff, but they're just a shill site, that doesn't even have the benefit of getting paid to shill. Gamasutra used to be great for game industry analysis, because it had actual game industry people writing for it through contribution articles.

Most of their articles are no better than any given forum comment, and often have less research put into them.

Exvalos7d ago

It's the end of the gen, who at this point is dumb enough to be buying consoles when both ps5 and scarlett are supposedly full backwards compatible.

RememberThe3577d ago

I might be. My PS4 is starting to chug a bit and a shiny new Pro seems like the perfect remedy. I'm waiting to see if we'll get some good sales or if we'll see a price drop. I really don't want to pay more than $300 for a console at the end of a generation.

Kurisu7d ago

I'm with you. I've got an original white PS4. It's as loud as a jet engine now when playing games - not just physical games, but digital games too. It's really off-putting and I have no idea how loud it's going to get when FF7R & TLoU2 hit. I'd lap up a special edition FFVII themed Pro.

The 10th Rider7d ago

The PS5 or next Xbox announcements should be hitting early next year. They'll probably be pretty comparable in specs and price, so you might as well wait until either some concrete details are leaked or we get some announcements.

sprinterboy7d ago

My ps3 broke 6mths before ps4 launched, it was the longest 6mths ever without gaming and although I had the money in the bank for a ps3 and a ps4 I still held off getting another ps3, yes I could have traded the ps3 in but it just didn't make financial sense of losing £100 in the trade in.
In the end I put that xtra money and got the ps4 mega bundle and bought 3 games at launch.

nitus106d ago


If your PS4 is loud while playing games then something is wrong.

Normally the problem is overheating and a quick check of the PS4's vents can show if the vents have been clogged with dust and/or lint. If this is the case you will need to clean the vents and a quick search on Google will show you have to safely do that.

Obviously, if your PS4's vents are clean and the machine is still noisy then the solution to the problem may be to replace the thermal paste although I would check on how to do this or get someone to do it (obviously this may cost) for you.

It is possible that you may have a faulty fan although I doubt this.

Note: I have a four-year-old PS4 and it sits on top of my PC printer which is effectively about one meter (approx 1 yard) from my ears and it is very quiet. My PS4 is actually about one meter from my carpet floor and it is rare for it to collect dust although I do check on a weekly basis and my computer room is kept very clean.

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Muzikguy7d ago

$200 for a console is awesome and many don't buy into the new gen right away. If I didn't have a PS4 I'd get one. Like others though I'm waiting for PS5

ThoedEssay7737d ago

I wonder how many people are looking to buy a Xbox One Sad Edition... Lol

BrainSyphoned7d ago

My youngest son wants one for Christmas and I’m not going to make him wait for my hand me down Pro next holiday season.

RememberThe3577d ago

A solid parent right here, folks!

sprinterboy7d ago

Wait for a hand me down pro? Get him a ps5 nxt Xmas you tight arse lol.
Depending on his age and circumstances of course. If he's new to gaming by all means give him the pro but if he's 11 plus wait and get him the ps5

rainslacker6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

A good parent would have an old NES or Atari 2600 in the closet to give him, then tell him to learn to live with disappointment.:)

Seriously though, that's cool of you. Games are a great way to spend time with others.

KwietStorm7d ago

Probably people who can afford it at it's lower price and were never planning to buy the new consoles at release anyway. It's a crazy concept, right? To think that there are people in the world who don't operate on the same wavelength as you..

sprinterboy7d ago

I've never come across a poor family without a console, in fact more poor people own consoles than rich.
Poor people go without to own things, in the UK poor families still have money for cigarettes and beers and consoles yet the kids go without breakfast or a decent meal.

Zerobalance7d ago

Seems like a lot of people are still buying the PS4. Don't they know the ps5 is due.

rainslacker6d ago

There are those who aren't going to get the next console when it comes out. It doesn't make them dumb to buy a console that they may keep using for years into the next gen. Doesn't make sense to spend almost the same, or even the same as the next gen consoles are likely to cost(PS4P/X1X), but if someone wants to, then that's their choice.

But for the cheaper base consoles, there is nothing really wrong with that.

Dragonscale6d ago

Believe it or not there are still people only just buying current consoles for the first time.

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