The Outer Worlds is coming to Switch in early 2020

The successful sci-fi role-playing game The Outer Worlds will be released on the Switch early next year. It was already announced for Switch back in July. This announcement just narrows the release window.

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CaptainTravel7d ago

Thats cool, it will take some work like Witcher 3 to make it playable.

Dabigsiebowski6d ago

I'm sure not as much but still will need the time.

King_Noctis6d ago

This game is much less demanding than The Witcher 3. It is not even open world.

Outlawzz7d ago

I'm hoping this turns out good. It's probly the only way I'll be able to play

ZeekQuattro6d ago

The ports in good hands. It should be fine.

timotim7d ago

You're in for a good one Switch gamers!

Fist4achin7d ago

It should. It really should.