Gears 5 Title Update 2 available for download, full patch notes revealed

DSOGaming writes: "The Coalition has released a new update for Gears 5. According to the release notes, title update 2 brings improvements to the Boomshot and Flashbangs. It also fixes a number of bugs and issues that the players have reported."

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darthv728d ago

I'm in the x-cloud beta and if there is one positive I could say (aside from simply playing Gears 5 in the beta) is that you don't have to deal with downloading updates. They get applied on the server end without you knowing.

franwex7d ago

I have my Xbox on auto update, so I rarely have to sit there and wait.

Now on an install that is not preordered digitally I sit there...

L7CHAPEL7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

It's nice to come home from work (and it's become a habit at this point)
to just scroll over and see what's been updated before I get on, most games will let you know in-game,
but if I don't know what the update is I can just Google real quick see what the latest updates are and I know what I can expect b4 I start.
it's great.
Just went to play shadow of the tomb raider and it's telling me update already installed... I guess "the definitive edition" came out and I got all the goodies which I'm surprised by because I didn't purchase anything for shadow of the tomb raider, but it says I got the definitive edition upgrade?
Uh, okay, Cool