The Outer Worlds' Sales Are Exceeding Expectations According to Take-Two

During Take-Two's financial conference call for investors and analysts, the company's executives talked about The Outer Worlds and more.

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Jin_Sakai5d ago

With the majority of sales being on PS4. At least in the UK.

“78% of The Outer Worlds’ Physical UK Sales Made on PS4”


CaptainTravel5d ago

Cool, then next gen PlayStation fans will either be urged to support their next game on pc or the next Xbox.

Jin_Sakai5d ago

I doubt PlayStation fans will buy Project Scarlett just to play Outer Worlds.

mikeslemonade5d ago

I will be buying take two stock in the next correction. And then you hearing it here first, Microsoft will buy take-two eventually.

mikeslemonade5d ago

MS is a $1.1 trillion company. It’s pennies.

Jin_Sakai5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

“MS is a $1.1 trillion company. It’s pennies.“

That doesn’t mean squat. Just because you have the funds doesn’t mean you should go out purchasing everything you can. It’s got to make sense from a business perspective and also please investors.

2pacalypsenow5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Ms is worth 1 trillion.

Xbox isn’t. Investor will not allow that to happen.

badz1495d ago


"MS is a $1.1 trillion company. It’s pennies."

So...they will buy Sony too? LOL

CaptainTravel5d ago

“I doubt PlayStation fans will buy Project Scarlett just to play Outer Worlds.”

You’re probably right, that is of course if that’s the only game Scarlett has that the ps5 doesn’t. They just bought a bunch of other studios too so chances are there will be other games that PlayStation fans might want. Or as I said, there is also the pc.

BizarroUltraman5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

my two favorite trolls...
Xbox fans don't care if you play it or not. Im sure Playstation fans will say "I'll just build a PC". Id be rich everytime i read that.

2pac who said Xbox worth 1trillion?

cyber_daemonx5d ago

It's good but not that good lol.

Hardiman4d ago

If M$ gets back to funding awesome SP experiences I'm sure some would probably come back ( day one OG Xbox and 360 owner and former passionate fan) but not just for one game. Also I'm not sure the sequel would be like this one because Obsidian had most of it finished before M$ bought them. I can see them turning into an online game much like Ubisoft is doing with Beyond Good and Evil 2!

leoms4d ago

Or maybe they will consider making it available on the Sony platform...?

ITPython4d ago

With Obsidian now under Microsoft, this is probably going to be their last good game. Microsoft is basically a cemetery for developers. Obsidian's only hope is to make it into the "squad", ie the Forza-Halo-Gears group of games. If they can't make it into that pack they will be doomed, just like Rare.

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5d ago
THC CELL5d ago

Ouch even with the power of game pass

ElementX5d ago

You can't compare physical to sales to game pass, that's apples and oranges

Abriael5d ago

Game pass isn't counted in "Physical UK sales."

I thought that much would be obvious. Naive of me.

XtaZ5d ago

Your stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

ScoreBunnie5d ago

Physical sales, what a joke.

L7CHAPEL5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

If you have it on Game pass,
why would you be purchasing it ?
The exclusive deal we got ... ?
I got upgraded to Game pass and now have it for 35 more months for free/ the same price I would have paid just to have Xbox live...
3 years from now, do you think I'll actually care to own the game? what do you think...(at that point I can probably pick it up Max at the 10 to $15 range)
your statement doesn't make sense,
Unless your just chiming in to be a little PS4 bootlicker...
Yes 78% on PS4: because we didn't have to pay for anything
Hahaha hahaha....

GTgamer5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

You paid for gamepass sooooooo you did pay for something and why do guys keep acting like Xbox exclusives were flying off the shelfs before gamepass shiiiid let's be real we all know exactly why xone exclusives were added to gamepass day one 😒

BizarroUltraman5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Playstation owners had no choice but to pay full price at retail and buy more physical than digital. or at least that what these site trolls like to tell us. why y'all acting surprised it selling on Playstation like that.

cyber_daemonx5d ago

Obsidian will be so pleased at the losses with ms giving it away on gamepass lol.

Jin_Sakai4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


“Yes 78% on PS4: because we didn't have to pay for anything”

Hahaha hahaha....

You laugh because you don’t pay for a game and support the developer? Pathetic.

Malacath4d ago


Believe it or not developers and publishers benefit from having their game on Game Pass.

Publishers get paid a large amount of money by Microsoft and developers benefit by more people playing their games.

In the case of Obsidian though, they are owned by Microsoft now so having their game do well on Game Pass means Microsoft is more likely to ask them to make a sequel.

timotim4d ago


Someone who clearly doesn't understand how this works.

rainslacker4d ago


So....I'm curious. Not to really make any comment on the content of your statement even though you've argued against me in the past when I said people who use game pass aren't as likely to buy those games, yet now say that they aren't likely to, but something else I've been wondering.

It would appear that you are trying to speak in haiku's with all your comments.

But....something seems off about them. They don't seem to have any juxtaposition of ideas, nor do they really impart any universal truths. They also seem a tad bit wordy for haiku. I'd say maybe you're going for the Shakespearean sonnet format, but your comments lack depth or any kind of introspective universal truth that expresses itself upon the reader.

So, I was wondering if your comments are actually just messages for foreign spies to run through some sort of cipher to extrapolate a message of some sort?

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ScoreBunnie5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Being the majority in the UK has very little meaning, especially since the majority of gamers have converted to digital. It's like measuring the sales of DVD's in a small country when blu-rays and digital are by far doing better worldwide and it's not even a comparison.

BrettAwesome5d ago

No. It's really just because you're butt hurt

Dragonscale4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Talk about downplaying lol. That sales gap will be similar in more places than just the UK, probably most territories tbh.

ScoreBunnie4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

@BrettAwesome Really because I'm playing The Outer Worlds on my 1660 with gamepass PC and i'm having a grand time. Maybe your just butthurt that your physical sales mean nothing.

BrettAwesome4d ago

Weakest comeback ever!
Besides, that's a super mediocre graphics card to brag about

ScoreBunnie4d ago

@BrettAwesome, sorebuns... ha... Pretty good actually. Not really a comeback though, i'm loving this game and I'm playing it at 1440p 60fps, nice to know you will stoop low enough to shame people for having to live on a budget. I'll continue playing the game and you can continue obsessing over plastic discs.

rainslacker4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Majority of gamers still haven't converted to digital. At least not on consoles. For most games, it's still around 25-30% of people buy digital, while the rest buy physical. Even if they had converted, the number of sales would be consisted between the platforms and the games themselves. So, if the general gamer was buying 50% digital, you'd still see roughly the same percentage between different console versions.

Living in the UK or the US, also has nothing to do with buying digital or physical.

I can see why Xbox would get fewer sales overall. Not only a smaller install base, but also, all those people that have it for free on Game pass.

BrettAwesome4d ago

And you're namedroppping a mediocre gpu to sound cool. I'm not obsessing over plastic discs. You are.

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shiva15d ago

Gamepass = less physical sales and more value as of now. Obviously physical sales will be more on ps4. If it wasnt then the game is bad or not available on other platforms.

rainslacker4d ago

Game pass means less sales all around. People aren't buying it digitally if they can get it on game pass.

CaptainCook5d ago

Why would I purchased the physical version when I'm subscribed to Xbox Game Pass? I'll get 20% off the full game within the service.

gamingunited5d ago

Why mention the discount when you just said you weren't going to buy it?

CaptainCook4d ago


I do purchase the games on Xbox Game Pass

pwnmaster30005d ago

This game is pretty good so far. It’s like is fall out and mass effect had a baby... the baby isn’t as great as it’s parents but it’s still doing pretty fucking good.
I miss games like this. To bad they are bought by MS now, might be an expensive next gen for me smh lol.

BizarroUltraman5d ago

No shit.... was you expecting for it be top physical seller on Xbox when its in Gamepass?

Mulando5d ago

That's expected, because for xbox and pc it is included in the gamespass and you get the first month for 1$ if you haven't already got the upgraded gamepass from MS for free (mine runs until nov next year, but only paid till oct 2019 and gold jan 2020).
Would be interessting to know how much money the developer makes with offering the game via gamepass. I know it is now an MS studio, but would be interessting to know.

TheRealTedCruz5d ago

Awesome. Glad they liked it. So that means they'll be supporting the next game by buying it on Xbox or PC, right?

KillBill5d ago

Wait... how did you get "the majority of sales being on PS4" from an article that talks only physical copies of the game and only UK sales?

Does not even talk about digital sales and earnings from non-direct sales like Game Pass.

Zeref4d ago

What is your point though? This doesn't account for digital sales and it was on GamePass day one.

Tedakin4d ago

Because Xbox players are playing it free on Gamepass..... I don't know a single person playing it on Xbox who bought it.

Immorals4d ago

That's surprisingly low considering it was a gamepass game.

ITPython4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

As much as I would like to celebrate strong PS4 sales, realistically anybody who is on Xbox and didn't get the game via Gamepass is doing gaming wrong. I understand the people who prefer physical copies (I do as well), but when you can basically get the game for free on gamepass there is really no reason to buy a physical copy.

It would make sense down the road, when it becomes super cheap on the second hand market, and you want a physical copy to always have (so you don't have to rely on digital services to play your game). But why buy brand new at $60? So it makes sense that physical PS4 sales would be so incredibly dominant (they would normally, but the gamepass situation makes it even more lopsided).

That said, I also suspect that the physical PS4 copies were being throttled. Amazon only just got the PS4 version back in stock a few days ago, and it has been out for 2 weeks now. This is Amazon, the kings of logistics. Every day they don't have stock is TONS of lost sales. And this is a game on a disk, it's not an iPhone or some complex piece of hardware that needs time to be built. Millions of disks can effortlessly be printed at a tiny cost, and Amazon of all companies would have seen the trends/statistics with people who wanted the game on the PS4 (therefore would have ordered a LOT more disks, and quickly). Them not having it in stock for so long makes it really obvious that the games physical copies were being intentionally throttled for the PS4. With the gamepass situation, Microsoft probably didn't want the initial sales numbers to be so far skewed toward the PS4, so they worked out a way (paid off a bunch of companies) to throttle the games physical availability.

rainslacker4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

If I were subscribed to game pass, I'd likely play it, and other games I didn't already have, on game pass.

I just can't really find much desire to subscribe to the service given my back log. Plus, I'm not a big fan of a service deciding when I can have access to games I want to play.

All personal things for me, and they would be true regardless of the service provider.

I think there is merit to the sales were stunted on the X1 due to game pass. It's the most logical conclusion. It's up to take two and MS to decide if that's OK with them. But, at the same time, these disparities in sales are not that far out of the oridinary for many games, so it's possible that there aren't as many game pass subs playing this game as people thought. Plus, there is still PC, which isn't as likely to be invested in game pass, so when comparing the versions sales, it would appear that there is a signficant number of people on PS that have enjoyed the game.

It's all good for the game itself, and who really cares where it sold more? Take Two and MS are the only ones that have to worry about the sales of the game, and after this game, only MS will have to worry about it.

CatchThemAll4d ago

physical sales cool....there are 9 million gamepass users....pretty sure they get paid quite well lol but you keep paying 60 dollars for games.

NXFather3d ago

The goal is to get that tiny percentage of outerworld gamers to support Sony first party better than 10-13 percent and not need Spiderman only the biggest name out there to even reach that. But, to your point playstation beats xbox hands down with games.

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Vasto5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


Congrats to Obsidian

Jin_Sakai5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

You know The Outer Worlds is the only great game released in 2019 right? Bet you wouldn’t even mention GOTY had Microsoft not purchased Obsidian.

Ricegum5d ago

Vasto probably hasn't even played the game, he just loves Microsoft so much.

Jin_Sakai5d ago

Correction: Meant The Outer Worlds “isn’t” the only great game released in 2019.

BizarroUltraman5d ago

What is it with you and Xbox/Microsoft? Even if the game wasn't a MS ip it would still be a game of yr for alot of people. Like those who like Obsidian work. Dude I get banned for speaking what I feel. You are allowed to instigate and run wild, when youre the one starting alot of shit.

MasterCornholio5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


"Dude I get banned for speaking what I feel."

You mean restricted not banned. Banned users are not allowed to return to this site which is why the mods keep banning alts.

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Atticus_finch5d ago

Judging by the sales, too bad Xbox fans didn't support it.

Quetza5d ago

Makes perfect sense, Xbox users should buy it physical, digital and use the gamepass version to preserve the former two versions they bought.