Battlefield 5 New Game Mode "Invasion" Unearthed, Will Feature Base Building & Resources

Unearrthed is an upcoming new game mode for Battlefield 5 called "Invasion" that mixes in RTS elements like base building in the game! Build tanks, planes, and more.

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Yi-Long7d ago

The post-launch support for this game is admirable and welcome, but at the same time I really kinda wish they would just focus purely on Conquest-mode and maps, which, to me at least, is what Battlefield has always been about.

Elit3Nick7d ago

While Conquest is my go-to mode, I know that a lot of the community really likes Breakthrough too, enough so that they consider it a core mode.

D3TH_D33LR6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I much prefer breakthrough personally but I do enjoy the large maps

Endyo7d ago

I've had a pretty good time with the stuff they added recently. Really evokes classic Battlefield 1942 fun with the island gameplay. This sort of pushes it toward Planetside, which might be a nice addition.

quenomamen7d ago

Why the hell cant we rent servers on console?

Yi-Long7d ago

I hated those private servers in BF4, cause it allowed mods/admins to set their own rules, so you'd have them banning certain weapons, completely messing up the balance.

So they'd spam-kill the map with their choppers while banning the use of stingers and such, so you couldn't actually take them out.

Plus we saw DICE not having enough official servers in the air because they relied on those private servers to take the burden.

Chumdiddy6d ago

You'd think that making sure that couldn't happen would be their top priority regarding Multiplayer. Maybe allow it in some local co-OP mode but to allow anyone that opened a game to set that up is crazy.

blanka45457d ago

I hope they can remastered the old battlefield would be so awesome I miss those!

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