Reinventing the Generic Bad Guy

Sean Ryan writes:

"The phone rings. "What's that? I gotta go save the world? Alright…which is it this time? Zombies? Nazis? Robots? Oh, it's Nazis again. I'll be right over." It's empowering being the one to single-handedly mow through hordes of generic bad guys on your way to take down The Big Boss, but over the past decade, it feels like we're fighting the same armies. Are there no new races or organizations lurking in the shadows, plotting our demise? It's time to enlist a new menace to give evil a fresh face!"

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0verdrive3628d ago

entertaining article.

personally i think the idea of crazed hobos is ingenious, despite the fact that it ostracizes the homeless. well, they are already socially ostracized, but a game villainizing them would just make matters worse.

somelikeithot3628d ago

What about Fanboy's or traffic wardens????

0verdrive3628d ago

lol fanboys,

that would be an awesome shooter. or wrestling game. or lemmings remake. lol but the drawback would be that they are bound to kill or incapacitate you at least a few times throughout the course of the game, and that would piss a lot of people off.

still would feel nice to blast a few of the losers on this site, lol.

Leathersoup3628d ago

No One Lives Forever basically took the 60's spy thriller idea and had henchmen with cheesy outfits. It was pure genius.