Gears 5 Developer Talks About Xbox Scarlett Plans and Long-Term Storytelling With Future Instalments

Campaign design director Matt Searcy speaks with GamingBolt about the future of the franchise.

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waverider7d ago

First fix the MP with the hellish microtransaction that is ripping apart the game...

ScoreBunnie7d ago

How's it ripping apart the game? Just curious? They haven't impacted my playing experience but maybe it's something unaware of?

waverider6d ago

Do you go to other forums beside this one?

Here some of the topics
Groos monetization
Gears horde is dead
is this a joke TC?
Why does gears have only 7 maps?
the reason gamers are moving away from this game?
The list is huge, i talked about microtransactions, but are tons of other topics. Again, just look it up.

ScoreBunnie6d ago

@waverider, nothing you said talks about gameplay? Is it pay to win? Unbalanced? Unpolished? No, the game has a solid multiplayer. And Horde in Gears 5 is the best horde since Gears 2, everyone agrees. I haven't once thought about the number of maps, maybe it's because unlike Modern Warfare the maps are good. 7 good maps are superior to 20 shit maps. Are gamers moving away from this game? Microtransactions are gross, but I've ground for all the skins I wanted already and it didn't feel unfair. Again I haven't read anything, but I play every day and I load in under a minute on every playlist? So how is it ripping the game apart, please elaborate?

FanboySpotter7d ago

"Ripping apart" 😂 microtransactions do not change no ones experience with mp matches. according to your comment history you got a thing for ALWAYS mentioning any little type of in-game purchases that you probably dont ever touch saying how they destroy games almost every comment is mentioning microtransactions even in a death stranding article lmao

CaptainCook6d ago

I didn't know Cosmetics affects Gameplay. Thanks for the input /s

OldGuyStillGaming7d ago

Well we know it will still continue with Kaits story which sucks
At least I was able to get rid of JD
They need to give the story and gameplay back to Marcus somehow and someway

Spurg7d ago

Literally no one has ever complained about Kait's story

Profchaos6d ago

I think kaits story was ok it was a little generic but necessary. I know you need to move in from Marcus and the team eventually but they still somehow steal the limelight

ScoreBunnie7d ago

Did you play the game? Everyone said Act 2 was great.

OldGuyStillGaming6d ago

I have and finished it
Still not a fan of Kait

ScoreBunnie6d ago

Well, most people like it so I think the devs will follow the story beats of act 2 since its the one people name drop the most when positive things are said. JD got sufficient screen time and personally even though he's a more flawed character, I believe he's better off even if he's not the focus.

silenthillstrangler7d ago

Usual click bait crap.
Developer says it will be available on scarlett via backwards compatibility, that's it.

ScoreBunnie7d ago

Yeah but it's gamingbolt, pointing out that they clickbait isn't a new thing.

ButtAnihilator7d ago

If you dislike my comment you're a poopoo face