Dear EA: Please Let Anthem Die

Aaron writes: "Now that the head of live services at BioWare has left, it's about time EA realized Anthem isn't cut out to be a live service game and should shut down."

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D__RAiL7d ago

Dear EA continue to at least attempt to support games that people purchased. I enjoyed the game for what it was. I loved and hated things about it but it was fun for that moment in time that it released. I always planned on revisiting it and I still think this could be a great game if they make the right choices. FFXI to FFXIV is a huge example with even the later expansions making the game far better than the original experiences.

fiveby97d ago

I also wish EA would make the effort to improve the game but I seriously doubt they would do that since their business people see minimal financial gain (if any)) for doing so.

Kabaneri7d ago

Ok, but they should offer refunds for releasing a false product.

Born2Game836d ago

Refunds for buying and playing a game for multiple days even months???? hahahahahahahaha. Plus the people who bought the game knew very well the game could tank. Its a gamble and they lost.

Kabaneri6d ago

They promised a "decade" of support. The marketing was misleading. Class Action Lawsuits have happened for far less.

Born2Game836d ago

@Kabaneri You bought the product for what it was. If they sold you the season pass and never delivered then that's a class action lawsuit. But you can't file a class action lawsuit and expect to win on promises.

PertySlick7d ago

I would consider it criminal for them to shut this game down this early. If there are still people enjoying this game, they have a responsibility to maintain and provide this service. Obviously not forever, but now is too short.

Fritzwochel7d ago

U got it backwards. Dear Anthem, Please let EA die.

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The story is too old to be commented.