Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's PVP is great, but it needs some work

The latest Modern Warfare game in the Call of Duty series gets a lot right but there are some glaring issues in PVP that need to be addressed.

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ravens528d ago

Agreed but i cant totally say i dislike the foot steps. You can only hear them when its quite around. N barely when u crouch walk that could maybe go down a few notches but idk. Other than that i like the new map designs and everything. Gun fixes and aim assist (disabled) fix is needed. As well as the gun stats and missions.

gtxgamer28d ago

I dislike most of the maps besides the train map, even then ppl still camp in the vents lol. Can't say I'm not enjoying it though otherwise

Razmiran8d ago

2 more maps are coming out tomorow