God of War Director Sparks Speculation with Cryptic “End Transmission” Tweet

Today God of War director Cory Barlog posted a cryptic message on Twitter that set the internet alight with speculation.

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porkChop8d ago

The morse code in his Twitter bio says 55hsie. Sie is probably Sony Interactive Entertainment. But 55H? Someone speculated 55 hours but I don't know about that. Something is happening, and I'm assuming it's maybe a launch game for PS5.

mrmikew20188d ago

Or maybe he's leaving Sony again (I hope not) but maybe.....or maybe it's nothing.

Araragifeels 8d ago

I am hoping that he doesn't go again. I like how he directed GOW2 and GOW4.

darthv728d ago (Edited 8d ago )

If he was leaving... where would he go? "End Transmission" sounds like something sci-fi and the only big sci-fi game in development that could benefit from his expertise would be Halo Infinite.

OMG... Corey is joining 343....!!!!!

I kid, I kid

Obscure_Observer8d ago


"If he was leaving... where would he go? "End Transmission" sounds like something sci-fi and the only big sci-fi game in development that could benefit from his expertise would be Halo Infinite."

Could be that SCI-FI open world game canceled by Shu Yoshida. Now that he´s not calling the shots at Worldwide Studios, Hulst can task Cory to continue Stig´s project! A man can dream. :)

fiveby97d ago

I don't think you would 'telegraph' your departure ahead of an official announcement in such a way. I'd be surprised a professional would do that. More likely some other announcement.

Eonjay7d ago

This is probably about Savage Starlight.

IRetrouk7d ago

Was savage starlight not nd?

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rainslacker7d ago

pretty sure it means half life 5 confirmed.

UltraNova7d ago

Damn I have to finaly finish HL 3 and 4 then...

CoNn3rB7d ago

The lines and dots in the tweet can also be morse code standing for NSIE, anyone guess if I'm right or what that actually means

Rimeskeem7d ago

I speculate that given sie is likely Sony Interactive Entertainment that 55h could be Sony Santa Monica, as for the the h, im curious if they might be starting another team based in the same area.

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jbull8d ago

I remember a few years ago Sony Santa Monica were supposed to be working on a sci fi game but was reported to be shelved, perhaps it was resurrected and could possiby be used as a PS5 launch title? pure speculation but they need something to justify customers spending likely 450 dollars on a new system ad we haven't heard of other PS5 exclusive launch titles.
SSM are a big studio so likely have 2 teams with one obviously on GoW and the other hopefully a new sci fi IP.

Lore8d ago

Yea hoping they heavily invest in more iconic rpg’s. Sci fi would be great as well

telekineticmantis8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I just said the same thing, it was called Dark side.


jbull8d ago

Hopefully its true, this might explain why GoW got no dlc considering the games open world design was highly suited for it, they were busy developing this sci fi game Dark Side.

Traecy8d ago

I'm quite sure they'll have at least 2 PS5 exclusives at launch which we'll hear about at E3 2020 or at a PS 2020 event.

SkatterBrain8d ago

The Getaway 3 , Resistance : Final Stand , 8 Days , Motorstorm: Through Time ,
Socom : New Threat , Syphon Filter Rougue Agent , Ape Escape Fractured Future , Jak and Daxter Return ,

mrmikew20187d ago

I heard that as well, I thought it was canceled because it was similar to the Destiny franchise according to the rumors back then.

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Smokehouse8d ago

New god of war launching with ps5? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Bruh8d ago

Too early, probably a Year 2/3 title though

Smokehouse8d ago

I dunno. I remember seeing somewhere that all the heavy lifting was already done and they would be able to pump it out much sooner now. Getting the no-cut camera working, etc. All that shit is done.

I wouldn’t be upset about a year 2 release but I really want the custom god of war ps5 pro if they do it and I wouldn’t get it if I buy the launch ps5.

Bruh8d ago


The engine itself would also need to be tuned to meet next-gen fidelity, as good as God of War looked, just upscaling its resolution wouldn't exactly fit a next-gen profile. So I'd say a good 3 year cycle and I assume they have another non-GOW project on the pipeline so yeah Year 2/3 or even further out

Smokehouse7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Possibly. Or they planned for that and it’s not as time consuming as it seems. I just can’t see a full game cycle with them leaving GOW the way they did with no DLC and locked realms. I would be super happy with DLC on PS4 if that’s what this is. But I still believe it’s coming sooner than you think. I could be wrong but oh well. I’ll just have to wait a year lol.

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stefan_7718d ago

God of War Remastered is a lot more likely

Smokehouse7d ago

nahh lol. They tried really hard to distance themselves from that Kratos and managed to make it work. I doubt we’ll see those games again anytime soon.

Atticus_finch8d ago

I agree. Sometimes he leaves home to go to work and sometimes work to go home.

Teflon027d ago

An announcement for an announcement that he's leaving seems like a extremely odd move imo. Unless it's retirement style situations