The F2P 18+ erotic action/adventure game “Soul Senki” is now available via Nutaku

Nutaku are today very thrilled and happy to announce that the 18+ erotic action/adventure game "Soul Senki" is now available via Nutaku's adult gaming platform.

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Simon_the_sorcerer7d ago

Wait, what? "Streets of rage"? Really? This one I have to check out :P

TGG_overlord7d ago

Well, so it's said at least. I did get some "Streets of Rage" vibes from the trailer, but that's about it in my case.

TGG_overlord7d ago

According to who? You? People play what they want to play, don't like it? Don't play or watch it.

cochise3137d ago

then don't post this smut on this site. Have a separate section for this nonsense.

ShockUltraslash7d ago

Go back to your Last of us gay simulators and watch Captain marvel.

FlyingFoxy7d ago

Site (N4G) is unfortunately, garbage. Full of ads, inappropriate and pornographic images, and certainly not family friendly. Some of it is decent, then you get this trash cover the pages from time to time. Not even on a separate section.

My advice is either ignore these trash articles which is what I'm going to do in future, or just go to another site and ignore this one, because the crap isn't going to change as someone is obviously making money from it, which is all that matters to them.

7d ago Replies(1)