Hideo Kojima Reveals that Death Stranding Could Have Been Very Different; New Artwork Revealed

Today Hideo Kojima revealed some interesting artwork and information about his game Death Stranding, also describing what could have been.

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Community12d ago
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TheHateTheyGive12d ago

Wish it was,this game is kojima unfiltered and it blows.

AussieAnon36512d ago

Agreed. Overhyped garbage being kept alive by extremist fanboys

sushimama12d ago

But the majority of people who reviewed the game actually liked it. It's ironic you're calling out extremist fanboys, when you haven't played the game and are calling it overhyped garbage. I'd recommend that you just shut your face.

Petebloodyonion11d ago

Yep like Gamespot who still keeping the review up on the main page after a couple of days just under the nice banner advertising the game.

pwnmaster300011d ago

Imagine a world where if a game doesn’t have a certain type of formula and action it wouldn’t be considered a good game. You can’t defy what’s good or not. This reminds me of the joker movie. So much hate and praises. It all depends on what you like... everyone has different taste, we all ready know that some people will not like it, Kohima been stated that. Gears 5 is definitely not for me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t recognize it’s greatness

Spicyram11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Look at this rubbish, everyone^

is this how we are going to act when a new IP releases? Jeez, a lot of people on here need to seriously grow up.

fiveby911d ago

I think the game will be good. I'll be playing it later today. I don't need another Fortnite or other such games. Something different which makes you think is good. Some people just don't like to think. This is more likely a game people who like to play strategy games or the like would enjoy.

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ilikestuff12d ago

Not sure if it’ll blow but I feel like people need to be held back sometimes or they need to have their genius steered in the right direction. Think of some great bands that have members go solo and suck, I feel like this might be the same thing. I’m hoping this game is awesome though, I will try it.

11d ago
jukins12d ago

So you've played it? Tell me what did you think about that chapter 1 conclusion?

TheHateTheyGive12d ago (Edited 12d ago ) Thats me playing. Now all you guys can act like you played it.

pwnmaster300011d ago


That doesn’t really prove anything man. Literally anyone can pick a random YouTuber and claim that’s them.
Not saying your lying, but If your gonna act like you proved something, at least have better proof.

jukins11d ago

So over the course of the last week you were convinced not to get it mfsv sucked but this is you supposedly playing and obviously way past the beginning. Hmm something dont add up.

The lengths people will go to kinda sad. Look forward to more posts in the future about death stranding

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Hardiman12d ago

WOW so it blows. How many hours have you put in?!?! Because I haven't got to play it yet because it doesn't hit till tomorrow!

P_Bomb11d ago

Just yesterday and all this week you said you usually buy exclusives day one but this one always looked like a turd, and you were out. Said you were just going to steal it (“five finger discount”) on PC instead. A random anonymous clip of nothing changes nothing.

11d ago
OldGuyStillGaming11d ago

Get the 🖕🏼Outta here

You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about

Death Stranding is a masterpiece

RememberThe35711d ago

Your name is fairly ironic at this point. And you link to a YouTube video of you supposedly playing the game (below in an other comment) and for some reason, you keep playing this game you claim blows. Something doesn't add up. Either your a masochist or a dip sh!t, not sure which.

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DaDrunkenJester12d ago

“In fact, as we saw Sam traveling in the previous clip, we also tested exactly the opposite of things, which makes him wear the heavy power gears and carry a lot of devices and weapons, which could technically enable him to jump all over those places. It’s not something new.

Therefore I decided not to do this in the middle of the process.”

So instead you stripped all the fun out of it and instead of jumping over mountains we now trip over rocks.

jukins12d ago

Why are you still popping up on every death stranding post bitching and complaining. We get it you dont like it. If reviews havent convinced kojima fans that it's not a good game you're sure as not gonna sway anyone's decision. Just let it go.

I'm 6 hours in got my collectors edition bridge baby right next to me and I'm engaged in what's going so far I'm not bored with it. Get over yourself

DaDrunkenJester12d ago

Don't worry, you have 44 hours left for the boredom to sink in.

12d ago
ScoreBunnie12d ago

Your comment has about much right to be here as his. He has as much right to post and hate the game as you do to love and shitpost back. If you wanna play it just do it, me personally, i'm getting it on PC in the summer.

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rainslacker12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

You mean he took them out to add in the ability to think outside the box to solve obstacles in the terrain?

Remember how being able to jump all over the place worked out in Borderlands: The pre-sequel. Yeah, that was good fun. How about the backpack jumping in Mass Effect: Andromeda. That sure added a lot to the game play.

Is the sarcasm obvious in the prior paragraph?

Sorry, but in this case, removing those things actually added to the game play, because now you can make roads, or use ladders, or do some rope climbing, or some other options.

Try again, because when you really look at the game play, it's there.

DaDrunkenJester12d ago

Oh yes, take out the cool stuff for walking, ladders, and ropes. That's glorious gameplay

rainslacker12d ago

So, being able to just jump everywhere you want to go is somehow more engaging than using various methods to navigate the terrain? Aren't you already going around calling this a walking sim? How is just being able to avoid any kind of challenge going to make the game less of a walking sim?

12d ago
sinspirit11d ago


You never played a spelunking game, have you? Or, anything where you're not holding the left analog stick forward constantly apart from the popular exceptions.

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12d ago Replies(2)
Elda12d ago

You should let it go. Find articles of games that interest you because you're not swaying anyone that's interested in DS from playing it by ranting with your negative views of the game.

11d ago
Spicyram11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Yea We get it, Death Stranding is the worst game ever made, worst game in the history of Humanity, most bOrIngEst walking sim ever created,etc, etc. We get it, you win. Can you move on with your life now and let people who want to play this game enjoy it?

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AussieAnon36512d ago

Maybe it should have been....

12d ago
gopon11d ago

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CRAGE12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I’ve been watching the streamers on twitch play it for about 5 hours. Beautiful world. Amazing graphics and animations. A really wonky sci fi movie. But the game is walking around a big open area while trying to balance things on your back. 5 hours later you get a couple of contraptions to help you move the load. Then some weapons. But from the reviews you eventually lose all of this again.

Red dead redemption 2 was a great movie. But the gameplay was also a go here. Do thing. See cinematic. Death stranding looks like the same but it’s basically. Walk here deliver thing.

The criticism is warranted.

DaDrunkenJester12d ago

I don't get the comparison to RDR2 other then them sharing a bit of the same cinematic story telling. RDR2 has a crap ton more going for it then Death Stranding does gameplay wise. And also has an actual online mode to play with friends.

12d ago
P_Bomb11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Online doesn’t instantly make something better. Played it again last month to pop some trophies with the free currency they gave me. Still empty af in New Austin, not counting the griefers trolling Blackwater. Just trading one half dozen for the other.

CRAGE11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The online part of the game is a separate experience. I love it.

I also enjoyed rdr2. There where more things to do. But it’s also is a “go here, do thing, see a cinematic”

Death stranding is “walk here, see cinematic”.

I suppose people are angry about it. But you can watch it all play out on twitch.

Imagine if they stripped everything from dark souls, but kept the walking and messaging system. It’s closer to that.

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