Need for Speed Heat will try to end the series' long-running identity crisis

GR: "Over 25 years, we've seen Need for Speed lose its core identity, try to reinvent itself during a mid-life crisis, and then struggle to win its back. This year's Need for Speed Heat will look to finally get the series back on track, but it's far from a guarantee considering the series' past attempts at it."

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1682d ago
Retroman1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

NFS lost its identity loooooooong ago after 2005 Mostwanted.
starting with criterion 3 attempts now with ghosts 3 poorly attempts.
Heat looks Flashy and colorful but at the end of the day it's not NFS
NFS "Died" in 2005
In my personal opinion and experience
NFS should "Never" became Open World, never implement Free Roam, should of never became online service. All these Unwanted application's ruin the "Once" beloved franchise.
Need for Speed do "Not" exist anymore.......only the name.
the game now is ( whatever the investors want it to be for speed)
So far the New identity is " Loot boxes for Speed" "Microtransaction for Speed"

klarnet761682d ago

Retro- I do value your opinion but...... Nfs Underground 2 was an open world game and it was amazing, most would agree, have fun🤪

Retroman1681d ago

But NFS world came after or right before Underground 2
Which ruined NFS. (in my opinion)
My personal problem with open world racing it feels like you driving in a neighborhood instead of exotic location as in old NFS titles.

LucasRuinedChildhood1682d ago

NFS's wasn't always just a street racing game though. Hot Pursuit last gen was fantastic and that was arguably a perfect return to the pre-street racing era of NFS. The identity isn't the only issue. It's not THAT hard to appeal to different types of NFS fans. Basically bring back Burnout-style NFS games as a Criterion sub-franchise and just make the NFS games Underground-era games.

The biggest problem is that Ghost's NFS games so far just weren't that fun. Criterion only fully made 2 NFS games and just helped out with Rivals which is why it's the only Ghost NFS game that's fun at all to play even if it was just a forgettable launch title. NFS and Payback were rubbish and they were way more like Underground.

Retroman1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

@ Lucas

One problem with that
Underground was not open world as Paycrap , Rivals and reboot was Heat is.
NFS don't need to be open world. that is the down fall


Top 10 Best Need for Speed Games of All Time, Ranked

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PlayStation Plus Monthly Games and Game Catalog lineup for September revealed

From PS Blog: "It’s been more than two months since the all-new PlayStation Plus completed its launch rollout in late June, and we are pleased to see the positive feedback we’ve gotten from our members. This includes games available on the service, such as Stray, Ghost of Tsushima, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which are among some of the top games played so far from the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog. Today, we’re excited to share the lineup we have in store for the month of September that we are adding to both the Monthly Games lineup for all members and Game Catalog for Essential, Extra and Premium members on PlayStation Plus.

The Monthly Games are available from September 6, and Game Catalog and Classics from September 20. Let’s take a closer look at the packed month ahead. "

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VersusDMC654d ago

I definitely want to check out Granblue as I'm interested in the Granblue JRPG coming out next year.

Terry_B654d ago

Its pretty good, especially for people that don't play fighting games only to compete vs. others online

BlaqMagiq25654d ago

Yea, that's what I was going to say, it's not just an online fighter it's got a great single player story.

PapaBop654d ago

Yeah definitely worth it if you haven't checked out the mobile game. It's a far more accessible than most fighters too.

blackblades654d ago

Yeah I wanted it at one point but kept backing out cause I had GG strive and other games

darthv72654d ago

I'll play some Heat. and Toem looks rather interesting. Extra / Premium get some good titles too.

SullysCigar654d ago

Mainly Granblue for me, but I heard good things about Toem and it's one I wouldn't have bought, so that's good. Heat is throwaway fun, which is what I want from Plus essentials.

Eonjay654d ago

Really good month for Extra and Premium too. Ass Creed Origins, Deathloop and WatchDogs 2 and Granblue Versus are all for me.

crazyCoconuts654d ago

Deathloop is one of my favorites within the last few years...a must play

brewin654d ago

Of course they put Deathloop on there less than a month after I finally bought it, and naturally still have it sealed. At least now Ill be able to play it without swapping discs out. Kinda surprised to see them put that on there considering its a Microsoft owned property. I think you have to respect Microsoft a little bit here for allowing Bethesda to operate independently and do these sorts of things. They kept the agreements in place and havent even announced the PS5 exclusive Bethesda games for Xbox. Im starting to wonder of those deals are for permanent PS5 exclusivity.

porkChop654d ago


Deathloop released September 14th. So we wouldn't hear any news about an Xbox release until a year has passed. Same with Ghostwire: Tokyo, wouldn't expect to hear anything until after March 25th.

crazyCoconuts654d ago

Yeah, I'm sure Deathloop will come to Xbox after the exclusivity contact ends, and I doubt PS will partner with Bethesda again given the new ownership.

Hikoran654d ago

Anyone who plays games or even doesn't, should play Spiritfarer. It's easy 10/10, your emotions aren't ready...

Eonjay654d ago

Noted. I'm defintely gonna give it a go. Heard really good things about this one.

monkey602654d ago

I got lost in that game. Loved it so much! It soaked up my time in the best possible way

BlaqMagiq25654d ago

I'm looking forward to that.

Also, Chicory: A Colorful Tale, which won a bunch of awards. I have almost bought the game a dozen or more times.