US congressman calls out Blizzard for allowing racist groups in WoW

From "United States congressman Lou Correa has criticised Blizzard Entertainment for allowing racist groups into World of Warcraft.

Correa, representative for a district that includes Anaheim, where BlizzCon takes place each year, spoke out on Twitter about a notorious player-run guild called The Enclave."

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Smokehouse8d ago

Why don’t you just shut the power off and protect Californians?

2pacalypsenow8d ago ShowReplies(3)
annoyedgamer8d ago

Blizzard sides with murderous communist regime - I sleep
Troll guilds exist in blizzard games - Stop the presses!

gamingunited6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Ya know, Trump told Xi Jinping that he wouldn't discuss anything to do with Hong Kong, who do you think has more influence the President or a gaming company?

I wish there was 1% of the outrage over Trump's COMPLETE AND TOTAL SILENCE over the Hong Kong issue as there has been with Blizzard who just wanted to keep politics out of gaming.

rainslacker6d ago

Funny enough, this senator calling out blizz is closer to trying to suppress freedom of speech than what Blizzard did. Blizzard exercised their free speech, while the senator is a representative of government saying what Blizzard is allowing is not acceptable. If he actually tried to use governmental power to make Blizzard do something about it, it would be in violation of Blizzards rights.

I know it's kind of screwed up to think of it like that, but that's the whole point of the 1st amendment.

Blizzard has been known to tell people, or guilds to change their name, and Blizzard doesn't intervene in a guilds entry requirements. Guilds are like private clubs, where they can pretty much do what they want. Blizzard will also ban people for hate speech. They've been doing that since the early days of WOW. For all of Blizzards faults, at no time in their history have I ever thought they were complicit in promoting hatred or racism. They are being complicit in censoring a person or their users on their platforms from talking about some things, but Blizzard has never been inherently evil. Stupid sometimes, yes. Racist a**holes, no.

PCgamer987d ago (Edited 7d ago )

As long as that group isn't attacking china then it's all fine with blizzard.

bluefox7557d ago

Glad to see politicians have their priorities in order.

caparo926d ago

Funny you should say that.

I live in a midwestern suburban city that had it's gubernatorial election this week. In my city the charter provides all citizens a small card designed by both candidates in a simple format. The front has a picture of the candidate and their slogan.

We had a three term Republican governor who won their election fairly easily in the past they took over from another Republican and I don't even know how many terms they ran but Im sure it was a lot.

The Rebulican theme was "Don't let our city turn into LA" which if you saw this small town you would know how ridiculous even thinking that would be.

The Democratic slogan was "Protecting our citizens health and safety"

On the back each side lists the three main topics they are running on.

The Republican

#1 I will continue to block marijuana businesses in our city.

Now let me tell you this is basically just saying we don't want money. The three surrounding cities all allow marijuana start ups and are making money hand over fist collecting taxes and selling property. Two of the three cities have dispensaries right on the border of my city. (note: they can't make it illegal only block store fronts)

#2 I won't allow pride flags in our government buildings.

A nothing issue, who cares.

#3 I'll will stay tough on immigration.

If the entire city has more illegal immigrants or even green card holding immigrants that you have fingers I'd be surprised.

Basically they just ran on divisive Trumpian hate politics.

The Democratic card.

#1 I'll build a new fire station with paramedics.

This is a plan to build a new fire station in an area of the city that has seen an increase in population and update our our aging fire and rescue and paramedic system in the city with new trucks and gear.

Seems like a legitimate thing for a governor of a small city to say.

#2 I'll add new shuttles and stops for our (name} system

I skipped the names so people can't look it up. But basically the city has a shuttle program for the elderly that will pick them up at their homes and take them to shopping centers and medical appointments with in the city.

Seems legitimate.

#3 I'll put into place plans to renovate the cities public schools and community centers.

This is a plan to update the schools pay for some programs to keep our parks maintained and refurbish the cities public health center and library.

A legitimate priority.

Unsurprisingly the Democrat upset the three term incumbent by a fairly large margin for an election like this.

You can judge yourself who had the better priories for a small suburban town.

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The story is too old to be commented.