49% Of US Gamers Are Spending Money On Microtransactions

According to SuperData, 49% of gamers in the United States have spent money on in-game content in September on console and PC.

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darthv727d ago

My son buys steam cards so he can get stuff for his character in TF2. I just shake my head.

darthv727d ago

^he plays TF2, Apex and Overwatch but no Fortnite... interestingly enough.

JEECE7d ago

And you didn't pull him aside for a father-son chat about how dumb cosmetics are, and why he should save those cards for steam sales?

InKnight7s7d ago

At least not that low IQ battle royal things. Just make him stop buy MT things and reward him with real games instead of participate in Gambling mechanics.

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telekineticmantis7d ago

Nintendo does it smartly, they charge their fans $120 to get 2 versions of Pokemon to get the full experience.

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

Are people upvoting this sarcastically? Because this is not a good business practice either...

bluefox7557d ago

@DaDrunkenJester "It's okay when Nintendo does it." Basically.

Rude-ro7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Well.. it is the life of US consumers.
Marketing and advertising is the new oil industry with trillions of net profit pouring in for selling ideas, products, motivations etc...
I mean, how many stories have we read about kids spending their parents money on video games alone like in fortnite etc?
Predatory marketing approaches.

AngelicIceDiamond7d ago

Of course because MTX are shoved down are throats in these games. Its almost impossible to not be tempted to make at least one MTX in your gaming hobby.

JEECE7d ago

I don't think anyone over the age of 20 has ever been tempted. It just doesn't make any sense. Why would you spend any money on a blue shirt or something, when that has no impact on the game itself? (I don't want MTs to impact gameplay, that's worse obviously, but in that case I'd at least understand why some people would buy them).

AngelicIceDiamond7d ago

@Jeece To think that gamers 25 and up haven't made a single MTX at any point to be simply false. This goes all the way back to horse armor back then to shelling out 100$ subscription currently. You can't tell me in that wide time gap not one person was ever tempted to spend on MTX even if its just once. MTX are only getting worse and are growing fast. Seems like ppl spend MTX on the games they really like the most. You'll be surprised, if that blue shirt was rare and nobody else has it ppl will spend money literally just to show off. Dumb generation of gamers today I know.

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darthv727d ago

If it is the 49% of US gamers who do not frequent N4G then it is quite plausible.

TK-667d ago

Think it's more likely 80% of the US Gamers that visit N4G. People here cant even be consistent in their opinions, so theres no chance they known how to be consistent in their boycotts.

People here buy MT's; they just virtue signal.

CorndogBurglar7d ago

Then you're blind.

Why else are Microtransactions still around? It's because they are making tons of money from them. And people like us on internet forums are the small minority of gamers.

Wanna know how I'm right? Go on Facebook and read the comments sections of feeds advertising video games. It makes me sick. It's basically the exact opposite of what we see here. Most people here are on board with MT's being a bad thing. But on Facebook, you might have a couple people talk trash about them, and then they quickly get shut down by 50-100 people talking trash and telling them to shut up and get a job. Or how people are only complaining because they're broke and can't afford the MT's.

It's a really crazy/sad thing to see. For every one of us on this site that are against MT's, there's 2-3 Facebook clowns that are paying for these things.

JEECE7d ago

Wanting to spend real money on cosmetic items in video games is inexplicable to me. Your comment makes me sad (but glad I'm not on Facebook anymore).

roadkillers7d ago

Microtransactions make up 36% of TakeTwos profits. They are on the rise.

Palitera7d ago

And you're right. The actual numbers are way lower than this, anyone who works with games know about these KPIs and they are WAY lower than "half the players".
No idea why they made this up.

Rachel_Alucard7d ago

To push a narrative for investors to eat up

Palitera6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Investors know everything about the real numbers, even more than the studios. Business is THEIR expertise.

rainslacker7d ago

These statistics often use a very liberal approach to how they classify what's considered what. Super data is especially guilty of this. The data isnt collected improperly when it comes to how the statistics are made, or what they're used for, but the conclusions drawn from them by some in the media, and especially those in the forums is usually way too black and white,

Shiken7d ago

Considering this includes mobile, there is notjong to doubt...

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PlatinumKing19827d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Well from a country that elected Donald trump for a president I can’t say I’m too surprised . What next bill Cosby on Mount Rushmore ? . Or Harvey Weinstein as your School psychologist.

annoyedgamer7d ago

You think MTX are popular only in the US? Boy you have a lot to learn...

arkard7d ago

And what perfect country do you claim as home?

CorndogBurglar7d ago

Such an ignorant comment. I don't even know where to begin...


You haaaad to be THAT guy didn't you?

DaDrunkenJester7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

You mean the person we elected that has record high employment numbers? Record low unemployment? Tax cuts? Highest median household income? College debt relief for veterans? Prison reform? IRS regulation red tape transparent? Pulling us out of terrible trade deals? The guy who doesnt even take his presidential salary?

NapalmSanctuary7d ago

Meanwhile, in an alternate reality, Some guy posts:

Well from a country that elected Hillary Clinton for president I can’t say I’m too surprised.

SenorFartCushion7d ago

They really had a tough choice, didn't they?

Don't get me wrong, I'd vote for Clinton over Trump any day, but Clinton has been a figure of hatred for the past 30 years - why did those corrupt, centrist idiots choose her!?

A left winger would have smashed Trump because he spoke about class - that's all most people in The US want. And he did that badly. But he won speaking about one thing badly against someone who just outright ignored the subject.

LivingDead7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Just FYI Trump lost Popular Vote, just like the Bush election. Maybe by a small margin but statisticly the average American did NOT vote for them. I believe Obama seconds term lost popular vote too but I could be wrong.

But my favorite part about USA hate is the fact that the entire country is made up of all nation's with Europeans being the vast majority. So when you think about it, it's being ran by mostly Europeans... The irony. Want to blame someone for the USA, and how it is, blame the nation's that it's made up of

bluefox7557d ago

That's not a fair framing. NYC and LA do not represent the "average American". This is the problem with the country, coastal elites think they represent the entire country, they absolutely do not. You may not like these people in flyover states, but they're citizens too.

UltraNova7d ago

So ancestry is to blame, not your own actions today? Got it... /S

Imalwaysright7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

The hell are you talking about? You're not europeans in any way shape or form. You are americans and the people running your country are americans regardless of race, ancestry or creed. If you have a problem with how your country is run blame it on yourselves because we, europeans, don't have anything to do with it.

CorndogBurglar6d ago

Wow. You managed to make an even more ignorant comment than the first guy's Trump comment!

LightofDarkness6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

It's made up of the ancestors of mostly white Europeans from the 1600s-1800s. While Europe has moved on from the religious and cultural divisions of time that brought them to war multiple times over, Americans have chosen not to, and cling to them rigorously because their national identity is shaky and nebulous at best. In that sense, you have elected to separate yourselves from Europe and its ideals, and your actions henceforth are entirely your own.

i.e. our fingerprints will not be found on your train wreck.

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SenorFartCushion7d ago (Edited 7d ago )


Stop making EVERYTHING political! It's not like it's anything to do with normal people or anything(!)

bluefox7557d ago (Edited 7d ago )

TDS is a real concern. It's been over three years. We get it, the orange man is bad, can we move on now?

Cmoney0077d ago

Why do idiots always need to bring Trump into some conversation? It is embarrassing. Lol

winter_hill7d ago

They suffer from Trump derangement syndrome.

Psychotica6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Trump is better than any of the anti-American socialist Democrats running against him ever will be and a better President than Odumbo ever was..

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-Foxtrot7d ago

And 51% of them aren't idiots.

LucasRuinedChildhood7d ago

Amen, Foxtrot. They're ruining the games industry. Imagine if they actually spend that micro-transaction money on new games or something worthwhile.

CaptainTravel7d ago

I would have only suspected this number to be this high if it included mobile.

I’ve never bought any but you are very quick to judge others because you can’t hold an argument if your life depended on it. In your eyes only your opinion seems to matter.

-Foxtrot7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

You’re like a broken record

Every single reply to me

“Bu bu but you can’t hold an argument”

YET all you do is bitch against a user not the issue at hand.

So yeah who can’t hold an argument here? Every comment here is saying roughly the same as me yet you come for just me? Don’t see you crying against anyone else. Kind of sad tbh.

You’re only offended because you’re part of that 49%

The Wood6d ago

Yet here you are arguing with him without actually arguing against his point with a splash of ad hominem. He's not the only one who thinks people are stupid/silly for continually fuelling the practice. Did he need a disclaimer stating one off buyers aren't the same as perpetual ones or something. Relax.

CaptainTravel7d ago

I’ve never bought any yet I’m part of the 49%? Yup, all you can do is throw tantrums at anyone who challenges your position.

Like a broken record? What, like complaining every day about the same things ?

Thanks for proving my point, unable to read, unable to debate, and most of all unable to not contradict oneself. The most laughable part of all is you telling me that you stick to your guns. Really? So you’re telling me you don’t support Naughty Dog? Well then I applaud you for not supporting any developer who has micro transactions,

The Wood6d ago

What, like complaining every day about the same things
....................irony bomb

dude you seem to be following dude. its kinda looking like if he said water was wet you'd have an issue.
'Well then I applaud you for not supporting any developer who has micro transactions'

I think you're turning this into a false equivalency. You can support ND without supporting their MT's. Some devs thrive on them so I don't band them all in the same group just because MS's exist within their games. Some are predatory, some play to win, others incentivize by speeding up progress and some are just cosmetic.

CaptainTravel6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

No, if you take the position like foxtrot pretends he does about sticking to your guns it means you do not support anyone who abuses micro transaction. Naughty Dog did indeed do that with a pay to win in multiplayer for The Last of Us.

He implied over and over that I support micro transactions even though I have never bought any. I simply said people will buy what they want to buy and he went off on a rant about how we are all ruining gaming. It’s embarrassing how someone who posts here every day is incapable of a mature conversation.

I agree, you can support a game without supporting micro transactions. Try explaining that to him.

lelo2play7d ago

Yep, lot of stupid people out there...