49% Of US Gamers Are Spending Money On Microtransactions

According to SuperData, 49% of gamers in the United States have spent money on in-game content in September on console and PC.

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darthv72485d ago

My son buys steam cards so he can get stuff for his character in TF2. I just shake my head.

darthv72485d ago

^he plays TF2, Apex and Overwatch but no Fortnite... interestingly enough.

JEECE485d ago

And you didn't pull him aside for a father-son chat about how dumb cosmetics are, and why he should save those cards for steam sales?

InKnight7s484d ago

At least not that low IQ battle royal things. Just make him stop buy MT things and reward him with real games instead of participate in Gambling mechanics.

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telekineticmantis485d ago

Nintendo does it smartly, they charge their fans $120 to get 2 versions of Pokemon to get the full experience.

DaDrunkenJester485d ago

Are people upvoting this sarcastically? Because this is not a good business practice either...

bluefox755484d ago

@DaDrunkenJester "It's okay when Nintendo does it." Basically.

Rude-ro485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

Well.. it is the life of US consumers.
Marketing and advertising is the new oil industry with trillions of net profit pouring in for selling ideas, products, motivations etc...
I mean, how many stories have we read about kids spending their parents money on video games alone like in fortnite etc?
Predatory marketing approaches.

AngelicIceDiamond485d ago

Of course because MTX are shoved down are throats in these games. Its almost impossible to not be tempted to make at least one MTX in your gaming hobby.

JEECE484d ago

I don't think anyone over the age of 20 has ever been tempted. It just doesn't make any sense. Why would you spend any money on a blue shirt or something, when that has no impact on the game itself? (I don't want MTs to impact gameplay, that's worse obviously, but in that case I'd at least understand why some people would buy them).

AngelicIceDiamond484d ago

@Jeece To think that gamers 25 and up haven't made a single MTX at any point to be simply false. This goes all the way back to horse armor back then to shelling out 100$ subscription currently. You can't tell me in that wide time gap not one person was ever tempted to spend on MTX even if its just once. MTX are only getting worse and are growing fast. Seems like ppl spend MTX on the games they really like the most. You'll be surprised, if that blue shirt was rare and nobody else has it ppl will spend money literally just to show off. Dumb generation of gamers today I know.

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-Foxtrot485d ago

And 51% of them aren't idiots.

LucasRuinedChildhood485d ago

Amen, Foxtrot. They're ruining the games industry. Imagine if they actually spend that micro-transaction money on new games or something worthwhile.

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lelo2play485d ago

Yep, lot of stupid people out there...