OXM: Call of Duty: World at War Review

World at War is like watching a fireworks show that you've seen a few times before. You're simply not wowed by the buildup, the grand finale, or any of it anymore. When - not if - the next sequel arrives, it's going to have an upstream swim against an apathetic tide of familiarity. But if the Star Trek analogy holds, at least it'll be even-numbered.

* Multiplayer remains topnotch.
* Four-player co-op is appreciated.

* Feels like a full-priced expansion pack.

* If you had a dime for every videogame M1 Garand rifle you've fired…

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chaosatom3627d ago

So,will IW use this engine and take all the co-op and stuff with it?

Or will they start completely over or from cod4?

butterfinger3627d ago

that IW is already working on the next COD. I do hope that they will keep the co-op, especially with the way co-op is really making it's way into most games now.

gw4k3626d ago

I am having a blast with this game. The singleplayer is great! Some of the coolest levels I have seen. I got my buds to get it and this is what I hear often.....

'f-ing awesome!'

9 out of 10

BattleAxe3626d ago

This review is stupid. Treyarch is getting treated poorly because of CoD3(which I really enjoyed). I Just beat CoD5 lastnight and it is a top notch game. I give it at least a 9/10, and I'd go so far to say that its the best WW2 game ever made.

PotNoodle3626d ago

Well, you can't complain at the fact treyarch are actually making sure the ps3 version is fully spec'd up, trophies, rumble support (I know that has been a standard since november 07 but CoD4 didn't have it :P).

Lets hope we don't have all the server issues we had with CoD4, i remember being on the CoD forums and the guy over there saying that it was "Demonware" running the servers and were never around on the weekends so we would sometimes go through whole weekends without being able to play the game properly, hopefully they don't let the same clowns run the ps3 servers this time around.

bumnut3626d ago

I think 7.5 is a fair score.

The game offers nothing new and is not worth £39.99 IMO.

It is still only 6v6 on team hardcore, other game modes are 9v9 so why 6v6 for hardcore?

I can play 20v20 hardcore on pc

chasuk083626d ago

I agree, its not worth £40. They should of realesed this as a COD4 expansion pack and sold it atlike £20. That way we would all be winners. Reviews would all be 9/10 and COD4 freaks would buy it in a heartbeat.

BattleAxe3626d ago

Expansion Pack? Have you played the game? It has a full Single Player campaign along with 4 player Co-op and full multiplayer online just like CoD4. I don't see where you're comming from.

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Fiona3626d ago

Not a fair score. The game is a solid 9. Ive been having so much fun in the sp campaign and the coop is a blast. I do not mind the similarities with cod 4. And i dont care if the game did not offer something. I was not expecting a redefining game of the WWII. All i wanted was a good sp campaign, smooth coop and great mp, which it has. It is not better than COD 4 but it is an awesome game. Good job treyarch.

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