Steam Cloud Gaming streaming service hinted at by Valve code update

From GameWatcher: "The big new technology that publishers are getting excited about is game streaming - you pay a subscription to a service and you stream games from a server, rather than own them. With the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Sony all looking at streaming services, it's of little surprise that Valve is considering a Steam game streaming service - seemingly called Steam Cloud Gaming."

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Obscure_Observer521d ago

Another very powerful competitior.

bishup25520d ago

they should go with it. that would be awesome!

520d ago
SegaGamer521d ago

I while back, I was saying that I was surprised Steam weren't already doing like this. So if they did launch their own streaming service, I wouldn't be surprised.

darthv72521d ago (Edited 521d ago )

If Half Life 3 was the exclusive to push the service... yeah I'd jump in.

battlegrog520d ago

But they have nvida, who would valve even use

Blu3_Berry520d ago

This could be a pretty massive thing if done right. Meanwhile the Epic Games Store is still in the early 2000s.

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