Swery Interview: Up to 5 Projects in the Works, Deadly Premonition 2 isn’t Just “More”

Five projects? Get new details on Deadly Premontion 2, The Good Life, a "top secret" mobile game, and more from the one-of-a-kind Swery!

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KaiPow804d ago

Can't believe Francis York Morgan is actually getting another adventure.

Jackhass804d ago

Yeah, me either. Will be interesting to see if it can recapture the weird appeal of the first one.

Alexious804d ago

Can't wait for this sequel

Jackhass804d ago

Here's hoping it takes the story in a direction we'd never expect.

Nacho_Z804d ago

That's cool about DP2, I enjoyed the original mainly because of the Twin Peaks vibe but damn it was as rough as a badgers arse. More of the same but less janky sounds good.

Veneno804d ago

If you really love Twin Peaks and David Lynch I think you would believe that Deadly Premonition doesn't work unless it has a good amount of jank. Twin Peaks the Return came out in 2016 and it still leaves modern special effects to the curb for a more handmade, practical feel. Down home yet surreal and existential.

I hope DP2 has a heavy helping of Twin Peaks as much or more than the first. So far it doesn't look that way. I'm concerned.

Jackhass804d ago

DP2 can have a "handmade" feel without literally being rough/glitchy.

Hardiman804d ago

I loved Deadly Premonition! Such an odd wonderful game. Really happy it's getting a sequel!