Gameinformer: Halo 3: Recon Revealed in December Issue

In the December Issue of Gameinformer, there is a 10 page preview of the new game by Bungie called Halo 3: Recon.

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Spike473628d ago

Halo Recon and Halo Wars. Can't get enough of halo now can we. ;)

Bodhi3628d ago

After reading your comment a couple times, I could've sworn that you're stealth trolling...

Panthers3628d ago

stealth trolling LOL. hes a ninja troll

I want to play these really bad. Maybe once I get a lot of extra money Ill get a 360

Damphear3628d ago

lets depend on 3rd party devs to be the foundation they said

StephanieBBB3628d ago

But seriously! Can they give halo a rest for like 1 year and in the mean time come up with something fresh and new?

Shepherd 2143627d ago

thats an unfair thing to say seeing is how Halo Wars will only be the 4th Halo game, while Recon will be the 5th if you count expansions as full games, where as MGS has about 15 games out in the past 20 years, thats 1 game every 1-2 years. Halo 1, 2, and 3 all have 3 year gaps between them, halo wars will have a two year gap from halo 3, and halo 3 recon will have a one year gap from halo wars.

my point is, statistically speaking, MGS is more likely to sell out and release its own brand of cereal and lunchboxes than Halo, if that where to ever happen in some strange universe. Get what im saying? So theres really nothing you can say about Halo until the next 14 years or so. MGS makes games much more than Halo, yet Halo is being bashed for wanting to continue the series. i cant even begin to tell you the maount of Mario games in the past 20 years, but nobody will bash that because its not Halo.

gijose3627d ago

don't forget about final fantasy... there are how many iterations of that game???

Damphear3627d ago

halo games are over rated the same as the other games.

and the skill level to play isnt needed its a RUN and GUN game

RnG are no fun

Firstkn1ghT3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

I strongly disagree. Halo takes a lot of skill. Probably the most skill in any FPS.

Definitely takes more skill than COD, Resistance, Battlefield, and the rest of the FPS. A Run and Gun game would be like COD4. Halo 3 can't be a run and gun game because of the shields. You actually have earn your kills.

Damphear3626d ago

its a run and gun game. thats what every one does in there dont try to play it off cuz you have a shield. that doesnt change the fact you run and gun. i never played cod 4 and wont

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Breakfast3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I just found something new to wank to.

I cant wait.


Bitter Tears3628d ago

why doesn't my PS3 have Halo?


I can only envy and wish, breakfast, HELP ME.

Bodhi3628d ago

I'm willing to guess that this game will have a even bigger community than Halo 3 because of the "realistic" which means darker, grittier, is in Recon. People from Gears of War always wanted this from Halo, like no space jumping or shields and things like that.

Rumor says that Halo 3: Recon will be sold less than 59.99 and will be 6-7 hours long. If you unlock all the Vidmaster achievements, you unlock the Recon armor for multiplayer.

If true, this is great. For everyone, cheap, long, and no more account hacking for Recon armor. Recon armor is going to be the new Hayabusa armor.

Philip J Fry3628d ago

if the only place you can get this magazine is at Gamestop, or any news stand?

JoySticksFTW3627d ago

you can get Gameinformer from any place that sells magazines.

Many say that this is one of the only non-biased mags left. I agree.

dachiefsman3627d ago

@ bitter tears

360s are cheaper than a Wii. Just go out and buy one.

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Spike473628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

speechless, but thanks for proving my point. Now Halo is porn my fellow gamers, not the second coming as we initially thought.

@Bitter tears

The PS3 has K2 and R2, so that should keep you happy.

Bitter Tears3628d ago

Two games can't compete with the one... I only want Halo, no generic FPS but Halo... :'(

Breakfast3628d ago

Its the only game, that gives me the same pleasure as wanking off.

Is it the second coming of Jesus?

Is it the reason xbox now lives to stand a chance in the console wars.

Now take a look at question number one again.

Is it the second coming of Jesus?
Jesus never killed the ps3, so no.


Whoooop3628d ago

All hail the expansion....

Spike473628d ago

good thing he didn't, because according to sales, he would be in deep sh*t right now.

Bodhi, yes I was stealth trolling, do you think I should change my username to something related to that? I'm pretty good at it.

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