Diablo Immortal release is delayed yet again and we don't really know why

Fans raise their eyebrows as Diablo Immortal release is delayed once again. So what is stopping Blizzard to release Diablo Immortal? read to know!

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1303d ago
mgszelda11303d ago

Funny because nobody cares either

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Spenok1303d ago

Yet I can guarantee it will get millions of downloads.

Me being one of them.

Kados1303d ago

Started playing D2 about a month after it came out. Probably clocked upwards of 30,000 hours on it, playing off and on over ~15 years. I am looking forward to immortal. Guess i am just more open minded than most "gamers" these days. I do not automatically disregard a game just because of the platform it is on.

GamingonPhone1303d ago

There are many like you who are actually looking forward to it Kados :)

fiveby91303d ago

Well I do agree that the hate for the game itself is unwarranted as nobody has played it. I think most of the hate stems from the manner it was announced. Right or wrong, people went to Blizzcon 2018 expecting a Diablo 4 announcement. They got an over-hyped mobile announcement. Blizzard should have announced both at the same time. And of course Blizzard's snarky comments at Blizzcon 2018 didn't help much.

Chriswynnetbh1303d ago

The platform is irrelevant as there are plenty of amazing mobile games out there. It was the fact that they tried to reskin some shitty mobile cash grab game as a Diablo game and then pretend like they have no idea why people are upset. DI was clearly meant to be a microtransaction riddled mess and it's no wonder they were delaying it. If I were them I'd just cancel it entirely with how much bad PR it gave them.

Chexs19901303d ago

I'm gonna try it out, don't get me wrong.
I've been playing Diablo since the first one, but it's exactly like I'm holding my breath for Immortal.

Especially because it's basically just a re-skinned clone from a dev team who already made a Diablo clone.
It's a clone of a Diablo clone

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bluefox7551303d ago

Used to be such a great series.

ifrit_caress1303d ago

Delay it 'till 3020 for all I care.

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