Has Sony Fixed PlayStation Now?

Sony was far ahead of its competitors when it released PlayStation Now in 2014. The service was the first major foray into game streaming, but at the time it was laughably ineffective.

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SamPao1415d ago

did you fix your internet?

rainslacker1415d ago

PSNow wasn't broken. It worked fine for years. If one had issues with the performance, it likely wasn't because PSNow was bad, but because their connection was not that great....which is really a common occurrence for most people's internet service.

DethWish1415d ago

Will we ever get ps1 games on it? Like the ps3s ps1 downloadable games library

PhoenixUp1415d ago

They should roll the service to more devices again

LucasRuinedChildhood1415d ago

Criticism of PS Now is generally not well received on N4G but it has gotten a lot better in the last year since they added game downloads and more AAA PS4 games.

I do think that unless the service has games on Day 1 (which would result in less sales), then it's always going to be an interior service to Games Pass. If it has games Day 1, it would be the better service by default since it also has streaming.

Realms1414d ago

Inferior how? Since Sony exclusives actually sell meanwhile MS's only good AAA game has been Forza so Idon't actually see the value given that MS has very little in terms of must have AAA games worth even getting the service for. If by value you mean getting shitty games like sea of thieves or glitchy games like stay of decay 2 then by all means but it's stretching it a bit by saying PS Now is an inferior service given that you get access to way more games than with game pass.

You can't just say it's a better service just because MS may potentially have better games in the future as it stands now it's debatable given the quality of games they offer day 1 because they aren't that good a side from a handful of games and that's me being generous.

LucasRuinedChildhood1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I don't even have an XB1 but I'm not a mindless cheerleader. I can see the forest for the trees and I can recognize that Games Pass is obviously a better service. Your comment is just really childish and dismissive. For example, it's pretty obvious to me that PS Plus has been offering WAY better games in the last year than GFG. I'm very happy with Nioh and Outlast 2. But I can see when things are the other way around as well.

"You can't just say it's a better service just because MS may potentially have better games in the future .... "

In the last few months, The Outer Words and Gears 5 (great games) were given for free on Day 1 on Games Pass which has never happened on PS Now. These games were reviewed well and would sell well (The Outer Worlds is selling great on PS4) but MS is just way more committed to Games Pass.

I'm having a look now and Games Pass also has tons of 2019 games while most PS Now games being added are at least a few years old. PS Now doesn't have 2019 games like Gears 5, The Outer Worlds, Devil May Cry 5, Metro Exodus, Outer Wilds, Afterparty, Dirt Rally 2, World War Z, etc and has was less 2018 games. All of the last gen games can be played locally with better performance as well. The difference is night and day.

To me buying PS Now would be fairly pointless. I tried out the free trial last year to play Steep because it's not a game that I felt like buying and I wanted to play Resistance 3 again but my internet isn't very good - I should just be able to download the game like on XB1. I'd love to go back and platinum it with a Dualshock 4. Games Pass would actually offer real value to me since it has new and more recent games on it.

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Sony: "Portion" of PlayStation First-Party Games Changes in Launch Date Impacted Profitability

According to Sony, changes to the launch dates of a "portion of first-party titles" impacted the company's profitability.

P_Bomb42d ago

“No word on which games were delayed, though”

Et tu, Factions? 🤔

KyRo42d ago

We barely know anything coming from Sony. It's all very quiet. Whatever they are doing they are playing it very differently to how they usually do it. For the people who aren't massively into superheros, it's a bit dry at the moment on the exclusive front.

isarai42d ago

I don't know why people are disagreeing, we only know of Spider-Man and Wolverine. We don't have any official announcement of anything else. It's been quiet for an unusual amount of time for PlayStation.

CS742d ago

But we have the Gran Turismo movie and a live service game from Horizon /s

shinoff218342d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Exactly why I got an xbox , starfield is way more intriguing then Spiderman 2. I'm not really into the superhero stuff. To this day I say my favorite ones were the ultimate alliance games. Spiderman 1 was pretty cool but I doesn't excite me like a starfield or rpg. I'm more excited for store ocean 2 remake then Spiderman 2. My ps5 will have some really deserved cool off time once starfield releases.

jivah41d ago

Crazy thing is that they've been eerily quiet on the Sony front. Like to the point where the let loose a few announcements just to tide us over. But we still have no idea the mountain of stuff that's on the way and being worked on. And to think its been this way since a large majority of gamers complained a few years ago, that Sony showed too much in advanced. And since then, they've held on super tight. Its never been this way.

Hedstrom41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Am i the only one who is excited for Helldivers 2? I think it looks super fun.

FinalFantasyFanatic41d ago

I'm low key interested for the Starship Troopers vibe, unfortunately I couldn't get any friends to play the first game with me.

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seanpitt2342d ago

Ps5 lack of 1st party games is really showing 3 years into this gen and it's been pretty bad! All we have to look forward to is GOAS

PunksOnN4G42d ago

Lol funny xbox has had a last of 1st party for over 5-6 years now yal lcoming out saying its a problem for PS but did not once during those 6 years LOL xbox kids down bad but i get bros been last place for over a decade LOL

Amplitude42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Sony's got some ballers in it's arsenal of games. I'd argue way better quality and quantity than Microsoft's got but neither are particularly amazing.

Im a bit underwhelmed by this entire gen on both fronts tbh. Lack of any sort of quality DLSS competitor on AMD's side of things really affected both of these consoles to an extreme and really kinda forced me to switch to PC this gen, which is where i've mostly just been playing older games anyway. I sold my Series X and just use the PS5 for the exclusives and multiplayer stuff with my friends. I kinda wish the entire concept of consoles would go away with how this gen is going. Subscription service wars, microtransactions, paid online which is still insane to me, flat out stupid game pricing with very little in the way of actual upgraded game concepts beyond graphics settings bump ups, practically completely unsupported borderline scam accessories like the PSVR2 and dumb nonsense like the PSVR1 requiring a separate camera than the PS5 Camera. Hell we only just recently even got basic amenities like 1440p and Dolby Atmos over on PS5, and Atmos is almost unusable on the Series consoles.

The software experience and the hardware's all hella disappointing tbh and Insomniac Games is really the only company i can think of pushing the hardware to an extreme at the moment, with their SSD craziness in Ratchet and Spiderman 2, 60FPS RT and 40FPS modes, 3D audio, crazy impressive animation and post processing effects and clear benefits to the actual games. Mad props to them man

fr0sty41d ago

Series S/X didn't have a single first party exclusive game for the first 2 years of their lives... yet certain folks were curiously quiet about that...

CS741d ago

Why in high heavens is everything about Xbox vs PS5 in here?

It is an article about the PS5.

Xbox's first party output has been garbage for over a decade, no one cares.

Playstation's known upcoming offerings is probably the driest it has ever been in three generations and these kids only care about "hurrr durrrr but but Xbox has even less games!11!!!!"

I don't care about Xbox, I bought a Playstation to play next generation exclusives and that HAS been lacking this gen and the future really isn't looking too bright.

InUrFoxHole41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Surprise! Here comes the but but the other system... Dude just accept it for what it is. You can't keep covering for these companies like they care about you. They'll screw you over every chance they get, just to grab your $$$. The sooner you stop protecting that piece of plastic the sooner you can see things as a consumer and demand better.

FinalFantasyFanatic41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I've been pretty disappointed with PS this gen, I haven't even felt much of a need to invest in a PS5 yet.

I really miss those really great games, especially JRPGs, which is why I'm happy to help fund games on Kickstarter like Armed Fantasia, 100 Heroes, Penny Blood... I'm still on the fence about whether I'll help out with Ratatan yet, Sony just isn't helping fund these games or giving them the support to thrive on their console this gen.

fr0sty41d ago

You call yourself final fantasy fanatic and yet you see no reason to invest in ps5, despite two of the best games in the series being released this year for it?

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Ashunderfire8642d ago

We got so many games coming out this year, why even complain? Many games are making their target release date. Sony got some VR games as well coming and a horror survival game this month for PS5

Ashunderfire8642d ago

Yes Fort Solis PS5 console exclusive, and Daymare 1994 all this month! Horror survival or Survival horror you know what I mean 😆 you can Google all this info like I did. PS5 also has Spiderman 2 we obviously know coming October and HellDivers 2! For the 2 people that disagree needs to do a Google search! This year is stacked with games already.

DOMination-42d ago

Chasing the live service genre is a huge gamble. If they get one hit that's on par with today's heavy hitters, then the investment will be worth it 100x. But history tells us that a huge % of these titles fail - even ones from established studios with AAA budgets.

Over the last two generations, Sony have excelled in making brilliant cinematic single player games. Those games helped them to be the number 1 publisher for both revenue and profits and by quite some distance. Hopefully the lack of releases recently isn't a sign of the business pivoting to a completely different model because frankly, that'll suck. The current model is both commercially and critically successfully so it doesn't need changing on a whim just to chase the GaaS big bucks! #prayforplaystation

Chevalier42d ago

Agreed I really hope they don't pivot too much into GaaS and have a balanced approach with lots of single player story driven games mixed in.