Metroid Prime 4 Developer Hires Halo Veteran As Lead Character Artist

Retro Studios, the Metroid Prime 4 developer, recently hired a Halo series veteran as the studio's new lead character artist

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masterfox528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Will have to do wonders artistically with such limited specs that's for sure, I mean by the time this game releases (if releases) the next gen consoles will be out and who knows how old Metroid 4 will be looking, sure someone will say fun is all that matters so if this the case wouldn't mind to pay full price for PONG and PACMAN right?, I mean those are fun games, if people don't agree with this there is a special word for them hehe ;)

Neonridr528d ago

oh there is a special word for you too my friend..

Obscure_Observer528d ago

Despite hardware limitations, this game is gonna be visually stunning!

GaboonViper528d ago

I know fam, Metroid 1 and 2 on Gamecube still stun with visuals and a cool art style, i know we will have to wait for this but oh Boy it will be worth it if its as good as the first 2 Metroids on the cube.

cochise313527d ago

what nintendo lacks in the graphic department they make up for with art style.

Thundercat77528d ago

I hope this one turns out to be good. It could be the only game to make me buy a Switch.

AK91527d ago

Are they still working on this game? Didn't it get moved to a different studio?

Legit question here its been so long since I heard anything about Prime 4 I don't even remember anymore.