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Sony Is Shutting Down SingStar And Driveclub Servers In 2020

Sony is shutting down online servers for SingStar and Driveclub in early 2020.

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Community1186d ago
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Yi-Long1186d ago

Extremely disappointing how Sony has treated one of its best exclusives this generation. Love Driveclub. Such a shame it never received the love, attention and respect it deserved from Sony, post-launch.

Brave_Losers_Unite1186d ago

What is it that you want Sony to do with it exactly post launch?

Obscure_Observer1186d ago


A PS4 Pro patch would be nice. Same goes to Bloodborne.

jukins1186d ago

@Obsucre the team was on the way to being closed and barely finished driveclub vr. A ps4 pro patch was asking to much

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darthv721186d ago

That reminds me, i need to get the motorcycle expansion before it gets removed. I already got all the free dlc but that one is paid and I forgot about it.

DC is such a well made game. I'm so surprised Sony would let the devs slip right through their fingers. Motorstorm deserved a PS4 follow-up.

Skate-AK1186d ago

Bikes, along with the two or three paid DLC's got removed in August. Even though the DLC was cars, they had to put it under bikes because of trophy amount requirements. Can only get Bikes by buying a physical copy.

SierraGuy1185d ago

Physical copies may be worth something someday 🙆

KickSpinFilter1186d ago

Ya Driveclub turned out to be so dang amazing. Bummer this won't continue online. But SP lives on!

jukins1186d ago

What? It was broken on launch delayed an entire year had one of the best season passes ever new tracks new cars added streetbikes but it never received the love post launch?

rainslacker1185d ago

I think he means that the gaming press and community in general didn't show it any love post launch. I mean, you see broken games that people rave about how it's awesome they got fixed and get lots of articles about it, but you didn't really see that with DC, despite the launch issues being only trivial annoyance to one aspect of game play which offered up challenges to the player....and I guess online racing. Took like a month to fix, but the game was doomed to be neglected due to the console wars, and people moving on, and ultimately, was probably a big reason that Sony closed the studio, because they were having financial difficulties at the time, and had to make decisions based on sales.

rainslacker1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I thought SingStar was one of their more successful franchises. I know during the PS3 days it was pretty popular. No one around here ever talked about it, but I know a lot of people who I wouldn't classify as gamers who were into it.

DCVR is amazing. Removes my biggest complaint about driving games, which is that 2D makes it hard to tell where you are in the corners to know when to turn. With VR, I can drive like I would a real car....assuming I actually drove that fast, and staying in lanes, and actually racing is so much more fun.

Makes me wish that GT:S had a full on VR mode for every race mode. I'd take the graphics hit to be able to race more than one car, on a mode that gives practically no progression.

Bikes is also fantastic.

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masterfox1186d ago

everyone can make mistakes and definitely Sony made one by letting to die Driveclub, if you didn't know is still best looking racing game out-there , not only looks heavenly stunning but plays awesome as well, not sure how hard affected Sony to take such decision but for what we know is a very bad decision taken.

iplay1up21186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

No, Horizon 4, and Forza Motorsport 7 absolutely look better than Drive Club. They are also Xbox One X enhanced and run in 4K.

IRetrouk1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I play all 3, driveclub still looks better, from cars to graphical effects, understandable because horizon 4 is open world, as for forza 7, while it looks good, it still dont top driveclub, neither does gt sport for that matter, or project cars, or need for speed.

FanboySpotter1186d ago

As someone that still plays driveclub, forza horizon 4 is leaps above all. Free roaming with that fidelity or 60fps? Sweet jesus

rainslacker1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

DC both looks better, and drives better than either version of Forza. Forza has better competitor driver AI though.

I really love FH4, but I still think that DC looks and plays better.

jukins1186d ago

Please explain how sony let it die. They gave them an entire extra year to fix still promoted it even though the launch was broken had tons of content and still has lasted almost the entire gen. It's obvious you dont even play it online because even the ps plus version tracks barely can get more than 4 or 5 people let alone the full game. You act like thousands are still getting online everyday and sony just doesnt care

JackBNimble1186d ago

Last time I played was a few months ago and couldn't fine other players online .
I was playing sp because no one else was there.

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dragonyght1185d ago

it wasn't really Sony the game receive a lot of post launch content. Driveclub got crucify for not being forza horizon.

1185d ago
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TGG_overlord1186d ago

I can only agree with Yi-Long and masterfox...Sony just made a HUGE blunder with no doubt.

MasterCornholio1186d ago

Don't really care about SingStar but alot of people liked Driveclub.

rainslacker1185d ago

I'd say a lot of people like SingStar as well. It was one of Sony's top selling games last gen. Plus, it had tons of content DLC/MT. It was a GaaS game, and was quite popular among the casuals. Basically just a karaoke game, which was fun at parties....for better or worse depending on your thoughts about karaoke at parties.

I guess the game has fallen off people's radar though, because it's hard to imagine Sony would drop it if it was still generating significant revenue like it used to.

monkey6021186d ago

I adore DriveClub and I've been playing It a lot the last couple months. I even just got Platinum in both DriveClub and DriveClub bikes this week. But the multiplayer in both is absolutely baron. There's no matches on either to play online. You need to arrange online meet ups

Doomeduk1186d ago

You'll still find a few of us still racing online on an evening fella and when I fired it up last week I had a couple of full lobbies.
Just needed a pro upgrade to 60 fps instead of the VR version and I think it would still be going strong now
I remember a few months before the devs were shutdown they talking about adding tire deformation and a few other things.. Damn shame

rainslacker1185d ago

I thought the VR version was awesome. Plus, it was it's own thing, and shouldn't have interfered with a PS4P update. the lack of update was likely due to the studio being shut down though.

jukins1186d ago

Thank you this is what people dont understand no one is playing online. All these fake supporters but they dont even play it. I'll join a race and it will cycle about 10 races before I actually find ONE other person

Yi-Long1185d ago

They could have kept the leaderboards up at least.