Xbox reveals Black Friday controller deals

Plus 50% off Sea of Thieves from November 24

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ChrisW525d ago

The number of people getting hyped about Black Friday is getting fewer and fewer...

Wontime1525d ago

A smart shopper takes advantage of BF.
Shoot, it's almost been extended throughout the month of November

rainslacker524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

The notion of Black Friday only being one day has been bastardized into just being a month long sale, if not two months long. I'm already seeing Black November sales, and every week after Black Friday is going to be some other super awesome sale.

Black Friday has the doorbuster deals though. I wouldn't mind taking advantage of them, but realistically, I'd rather just sleep in, and pay a little more for the presents I buy. Sometimes I will go through Amazon, and online sales on Black Friday can be convienant with in store pick up options. But I'm not going to sit on my computer all day refreshing web pages.

What sucks though is those places that want to open on Thanksgiving, and make their employees work. Really sucks, because I think there are two days a year where people can spend time with family, and that's one of them. People in retail don't get all those cool 3 day weekend holidays, and Labor day usually only lets those who don't perform labor jobs get the day off while actual laborers still work, and retail employees have to deal with those great labor day sales.

525d ago
darthv72525d ago

Damn... i thought it was 50% off the sea of thieves controller. That is one of the pricier special editions on the market.