Bethesda Is Getting Beaten At Its Own Game

Bethesda has long since faded from its former glory, and fans would be wise to stop expecting great things from the company.

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Italiano1234567530d ago

I never liked Todd Howard and that stupid smirk he has all the time but they tried something totally new with fallout 76 and it didnt work. Fallout 4 is great and is way better then outer worlds in my opinion. If your gonna compare then put it against fallout 4 not 76.

GiiPii529d ago

That's the point. Agree! Fallout 76 is a MMO, not a story based Single player game. Fallout 4 far better then Outer Worlds is it. Both the gameplay and the world itself. However, Outer Wolrld is well put together game, with lot of fan ( i enjoy every moment of it), but Fallout NW was a much more advanced game in its time.

Atom666529d ago

I have avoided F76, but I would favorably compare OW to Fallout 4.

Immediately, using Unreal really shows the bugginess of the Creation engine. Fallout definitely gets props for the size and scope of its world, but it felt like a definite retread of 3 & NV at times. Towards the end of Fallout 4, I just didn't really care about the factions fighting it out. I just wanted new armor and weapons.

I really enjoyed Fallout 4 though, but I think I'm enjoying the more focused nature of OW a bit more. I don't have a list of side quests filling my list where I can't even remember when or why I'm doing a task, and my main goals are still clear.

Basically, OW cuts a lot of the Fallout fat and keeps the meaty portions. It's also nice to get a non-wasteland game world.

neutralgamer1992529d ago


Fallout 4 is not a great game it's a good game. They made it noob friendly simple as that. 3 and new vegas are much better games

Profchaos530d ago

They made one bad game and they have faded? Maybe it's just a bad game.

Yes 76 is unredeemable it's so bad that the Australian consumer protection watchdog has declared that everyone who has purchased fallout 76 over the past year is entitled to a complete refund yes if you paid $100 for it on launch you can get that 100 back and even rebuy it for 10 if you like punishment.

But fallout 4 well it was pretty enjoyable imo certainly not a bad game but a little dated in areas.

Can they boune back I think yes it's possible if they avoid online

PhoenixUp530d ago

It’s not just one bad game. It’s their continued outdated business practices and their inability to release games that aren’t broken

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toxic-inferno529d ago

It may not be as complex as Fallout (although it actually plays much more smoothly...), but that's because Outer Worlds had a fraction of the budget that Fallout games have,

Armaggedon530d ago

I love Bethesda, but truth is they have become corrupt. I saw it coming when Todd Howard was saying that they opened up several new studios. It is the fate of most organizations that grow too large:corruption

Ristul530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Pete Hines responses are also telling of the Bethesda of today, it feels like they cared about their reputation back in the day, but now they are so big that it feels like they dont even care what the fans think.

yellowgerbil529d ago

Remember at e3 a few years back they were teasing the big guys saying they were committed to single player games, jump 2 years later and fo76 and wolfenstien... both those games were in production when he said that. It is like a guy saying he is peaceful while hard at work building a bomb.

monkey602530d ago

It wasn't one bad game. It was one arrogant slap in the face to fans with f76. Many of us were massively dissapointed in F4 and they keep ReReleasing Skyrim over and over to keep themselves afloat.
Bethesda wasted an entire generation. They deserve ever bit of criticism they've gotten.
Also even though I'm only a few hours into Outer Worlds I'm far more interested in it than I was Fallout 4.

jaymacx529d ago

The interesting thing about The Outer Worlds is that it gets compared to Fallout only when the game is also like BioWare’s games KOTOR and Mass Effect. It’s definitely a mixture of the these. I know they will do great things with this series if given a bigger budget. Sleeper hit of 2019.

Seafort530d ago

Starfield will be the litmus paper for Bethesda. If that fails there is no way back for them at that point. Elder Scrolls 6 is years away and won't redeem their reputation if Starfield fails.

Bethesda have lost their way. Their games were average at best on PC and only made good by community mods and unofficial patches that Bethesda couldn't be bothered to fix.

I see a lot of the outdated, set in their ways game companies being surpassed by innovative and more exciting smaller companies in the future.

Once a company gets too big it turns corporate and then the money men talk and not the game designers. This is what is happening to Bethesda right now. Fallout 76 is just the start of their downfall.

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CorndogBurglar529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

It's not a matter of one bad game. (Even though Fallout 76 is definitely one VERY bad game!)

You only need to look at their business practices and poor, anti-consumer practices that they somehow seem to make even worse week after week.

This is not the same Bethesda it once was. They clearly no longer care about making good games. If they did, then they would have tried fixing 76 by now. They wouldn't have released a broken, $100 subscription service before fixing their already ridiculously broken game that still hasn't been fixed.

But lets take Fallout 76 out of the equation. For as long as anyone can remember, Bethesda has been known for releasing games that are buggy messes. Luckily the bugs they released were somewhat minor, like physics issues, NPC's/enemies floating in the air, clipping.....things like that. Generally, the games did definitely work well enough to be enjoyed. But Bethesda always seemed to get a pass for releasing buggy games where other companies would have been panned for it. Simply because they did create fun games. But it was always something of a running joke among fans.

Having said that, their approach with 76 has been completely abysmal, and their practices and decisions have somehow managed to get even worse as time goes on. That does not bode well for the future of their games.

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Father__Merrin530d ago

Bethesda hasn't fallen at all they are still popular. Minority moaners on the Internet won't make any difference, can't wait for their next game

monkey602530d ago

Do you actually believe that or are you just choosing to ignore how Fallout 76 performed?

Edito530d ago

This is one of the best moments for me because I never liked Todd Howard and never liked his games, the only game I played was Oblivion and never finished and from that point on I realized that his games were not for me and what they tried to do with the industry lol it's back firing...

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