Why Death Stranding Is Unlike Any Game You've Played Before

Death Stranding is finally upon us. The incredible new game from Hideo Kojima launches on PS4 on November 8th and Playstation Access can't get enough of it.

IRetrouk1487d ago

Not long to go now, cant wait to get stuck in.

ilikestuff1487d ago

here’s hoping it’s as good as I want it to be.

1487d ago
IRetrouk1487d ago

Based on this vid alone I can tell I'm going to enjoy it, seems to be plenty to see and do and multiple ways of doing them, guess we find out on friday, eh?

1487d ago
pornflakes1487d ago

What i saw in this video was only walking around - i think without all the great cut scenes this game would be a 3/10

Thundercat771487d ago

Making a review without playing the game and based on a YouTube video.


IRetrouk1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

@ thunder, the YouTube vid is actually really good, hes just trolling dude, so much more than just walking.

IRetrouk1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

So you didnt see the bts? Or the mules? Or the vehicles? Or the camps? Or the safehouses? Or the roads and bridges players build together? Or the combat? You didnt hear the reviewer explain you can use exosuits or vehicles if you want? Then there is the homo demens that we still know very little about, sounds to me like you didnt watch this vid at all.

Larrysweet1487d ago

But to be real hiking is the gameplay all other things just happen along

IRetrouk1487d ago

Its deffo part of it, just not all there is.

Hardiman1487d ago

I'm also excited for the 3D printing! Create ladders, ropes even bikes to used or leave for other players! I think it's cool how DS wants to connect people and create an experience like no other!

Nikijih1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

By all acounts its almost all there is.

Here is how I see your post:
"So you didnt see the obstacles to your hiking? The places you can rest from your hiking? The roads and bridges that will help your hiking? The combat that distracts you from the hiking for about 4% of the game? You didnt hear the reviewer explain the tools you can use for hiking?"

Be honest. This is a walking simulator with a frame. Yes, there is a frame, things to help along or hinder your hiking. But hiking is the core of the experience. Unlike normal RPGs where the hiking is considered a tedious but necessary evil in between the actual gameplay experience, this focuses on the it and everything else is secondary to it.

IRetrouk1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Yeah a ladder and rope, he also explains that you can use vehicles if you wish, did you miss that?.
So like almost every other game made then? You travel to and from places, using items and weapons to get the job done, calling it a walking sim is straight bull when there is clearly much more to do than just that, but you are entitled to your opinion, isn't gonna change my mind one way or the other, I do love how you throw out random numbers and "facts" about whats secondary etc knowing as much as the rest of us do, this video alone proves it's more than just a walking sim and shows plenty of what is available in the game,, like it, dont, buy it, dont, dont care either way, but talking about a game you haven't played like you have and know how the game is split is laughable.

IRetrouk1487d ago

@ hardiman
Yeah it seems like it's going to be a good feature, but it's just to distract you from the hiking/s

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Hardiman1487d ago

This mindset is what's hurting the industry because some actual "reviewers" I use that lightly think like this. Hell some games you can tell they didn't even finish or just rush through to get clicks first.

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PlayableGamez-1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

We know DS is unlike any other game before due to the fact that critiics are having a hard time reviewing the game.

Everyone I highly recommend to go watch YongYeas recent video on Death Stranding and look at his face and how frustrated he is trying to explain the appeal of DS.

Pretty much it seems that what DS is to action adventure games is excatly what Joker is to the DCU/MCU.

ArchangelMike1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

"...what DS is to action adventure games is exactly what Joker is to the DCU/MCU"

Well said 👏👏👏

CorndogBurglar1487d ago

Well, the Joker was a terrible DC film. It was a great movie. But a terrible DC film. It was even a terrible Joker film.

So are we saying Death Stranding is a terrible Action Adventure game? Because I don't believe that.

Hardiman1487d ago

I keep seeing Joker as an example but it's not even part of the DCU! It is it's own thing and quite a great film.

Also I keep seeing DS is polarizing but is it really?!?! Because there's like 60+ positive and like 15 mixed. Seems the consensus is positive.

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