Death Stranding Art Exhibit Opening Up in New York City

A Death Stranding art exhibit is opening up for four days in NYC, allowing fans of the game to check out the art and buy Death Stranding merchandise.

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ArchangelMike557d ago

I can't remember the last time a game had this much pre-release hype. Friday can't come soon enough, I'm getting hype-fatigue, and it's always dangerous to get hype fatigue.

Anyone remember No Man's Sky?

'nuff said.

smolinsk556d ago

no mans sky was fine, just way to hyped...its a great game now..

BizarroUltraman556d ago

Fatigue? You haven't even delivered your first packages and your baby need a diaper change.

Ricegum556d ago

And this IQ is why Xbox will always remain in last place, if something isn't pew pew you guys don't like it.

Muzikguy556d ago

That's strange. I haven't had much hype for this game. I know it's coming and know I want it but that's about it. As for this exhibit it seems like a cool idea. Stuff like this will never happen around me but I could think of a few other games that could have done something like this.

xX-oldboy-Xx556d ago

I could say the same thing haha.

Closest I'll get is the Official Art book releasing on Friday. I'm happy with that.

averagejoe26555d ago

Today I learned

People don't like other people enjoying things

Must be miserable for you

DaDrunkenJester555d ago

If you want a Death Stranding art exhibit just order something from Amazon and watch as the delivery truck approaches.

Pacifico556d ago

Itll have a new art exhibit opening worldwide in December...its called the bargain bin.

xX-oldboy-Xx556d ago

Nah - they'll be gearing up for a PC release, imagine DECIMA on PC - sweeter than YooHoo.

Considering Death Stranding is already a graphical powerhouse on PS4 - a benchmark if you will.

Muzikguy556d ago

I remember those as a kid and bought one recently. It was nasty. Don't know why people like that YooHoo

xX-oldboy-Xx556d ago

Muzik - never had one mate, just quoting KINGPIN - the funniest bowling movie ever.

We've never had YooHoo in Australia as far as I know.

nowitzki2004556d ago

Then you will be able to afford it.

averagejoe26555d ago

Ah yes

The game with the most perfect scores received this year will surely end up in the garbage bin

Makes sense

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