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Death Stranding reinvents how video game design can work. It takes you through an experience you didn’t expect, doesn’t hold back with its design intentions and execution, and takes the gamer through a journey like no other. This is a masterpiece that only Kojima could pull off.

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waverider530d ago

Get ready. Its a blast, but play it at night and if you got good phones or surround sound even better, for the experience.

mrmikew2018530d ago

Thanks amigo, and this was such a long read, but it was worth every word!!

530d ago
sushimama530d ago

I'm really pumped for a new and uniwue experience

ps3rider529d ago

how to make it a better experience for sound using a phone.

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yoshatabi530d ago

I won't be able to play it until Tuesday since I work thurs-mon :(

Muzikguy530d ago

I have to wait until at least next Monday. Ready though!

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The story is too old to be commented.