4 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Luigi's Mansion 3

Greysun writes: "Are you still on the fence about purchasing Luigi's Mansion 3? Here are four reasons why you should be playing it right now."

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EddieNX 490d ago

Just about to fire it up. Still need to finish Links awakening as well. Oh the horror!

greysun123490d ago

Better hurry before Pokemon. Are you planning on getting that as well?

EddieNX 490d ago

Yup. And that will take priority over unfinished games. Been busy with everything lol...

-Foxtrot490d ago

It's really f****** good, it's the sequel of the franchise I've been waiting for.

greysun123490d ago

Miles better than Dark Moon for sure!

EddieNX 490d ago

I cant actually believe how good it is. Just played it for like 5 hours straight. Its everything I wanted and more. The graphics, physics, gameplay, music , charm, collectables etc. Is all there in droves.

It's exactly my kind of game.

Neonridr490d ago

Only played the first hour so far but really enjoying what I am seeing.

johnramus489d ago

Purchased it along with links awakening and really wanna play it, but I've got a stack of games I need to get through. They are all piling up and i cant stop buying new releases. And RDR2 just released on PC. Death stranding in a few days. 😥😂

WPX489d ago

I feel your pain since I have the same problem. The backlog I have is insane and will continue to grow since I have yet to buy both Link's Awakening and Luigi's Mansion 3 (and then some others in the future). Still struggling to find time to finish Astral Chain as of now.

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