Edge: Nintendo "Leaving Inventor Out in the Cold"

Edge writes: "Earlier this year, Nintendo was ordered by a federal jury to pay $21 million to Anascape Ltd. for infringing on game controller-related patents.

This week, another company called Motiva has filed suit against Kyoto, Japan-based Nintendo, claiming the motion-sensing Wii console has infringed on the patent "Human Movement Measurement System." The patent holders are suing for a preliminary and permanent injunction against alleged infringements, damages and attorney fees.

Already, some gamers have been shrieking "patent troll," insinuating Motiva is in the business of creating a vague patent and suing supposedly offending companies for large amounts of money."

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DarkBlood3624d ago

and they sue now because?

Xander-RKoS3624d ago

So why don't these companies sue the other companies that also infringed on their patent?

This is like what, the 3rd "infringment" against the Wii's motion control ability? Well, what about the other companies that had patents on motion control technology, just make a long web of lawsuits until no one can make anything.