NCsoft Profits Down 50% Since Last Year

GamingShogun writes, "According to their recently-published third quarter financial results, NCsoft has reported a 50% drop in net income from the same time last year. The company reported $3.3 million dollars as opposed to the near $7 million it reported in the same time period last year..."

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Raoh3629d ago

maybe if they tried releasing some games on consoles instead of just for asian market pc's...

all their announcements have been for pc's.

TheIneffableBob3629d ago

Well, that's where the biggest market is. Their console MMOs are coming, but the PC is the largest market and will make them the most money. They just need to release an MMO worth paying for.

Sarick3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

A lot of MMORPG's are taking away from single player games and dividing up the market. The pool of MMORPG's have become so saturated that players have almost infinite gaming options for a good PC. This translates into players spending thousands of hours online and not playing a high verity of new games that are sold.

For online gaming companies this is pure competition for subscribers. If your online game isn't kept up with new stuff people are going to find new experiences someplace else. This translates into losses for one and gains for another.

Roah, I believe your correct in that statement as well. A lot of people don't want an expensive computer to play games on. Some people would rather have a game console for gaming. If your games aren't done on consoles the dev is losing a large install base. If some of these games where also on 360 and PS3 like FFXI the subscriptions for the mmorpgs would increase.

WOW, Everquest, Age of Conan can't possibly be better off ignoring console install bases. These are the gamers that play games too. They're willing to invest in a good console MMORPG and subscription if it's compatible to a PC version. I don't see anything more enjoyable then sitting on a big comfy sofa with a 40+ inch LCD screen with full 1080p playing an online game with a wireless controller and keyboard setup.