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Ben writes: "In conclusion, The Outer Worlds was a terrific experience. I loved every moment I was playing of the game and I felt like this alien frontier I had landed on, was not too dissimilar from the Wild West."

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NecrumOddBoy491d ago

This game is so great. It was needed in a tainted-Bethesda world.

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EazyC491d ago

I'm giddy playing it, I can't believe there is now a genuine spiritual successor to Fallout: New Vegas... the writing, lore , quest development.... wow. It doesn't seem to fit in with current state of major-release videogames, like it's from a bygone era.

TheRealTedCruz491d ago

Best RPG of the year. Can't wait to see an Obsidian with strong financial backing and support.

King_Noctis491d ago

I’m absolutely in love with this game. I wish the next Fallout game could be as good as this.

TheRealTedCruz491d ago

With Obsidian now MS owned, even the idea of Bethesda letting them work on another one (lofty as it may be due to the sheer level of salt they had towards them and NV), the likelihood of seeing another Fallout title lean closer to something like NV or OW, rather than 4, is virtually non-existent.
Bethesda simply doesn't hold to the same design philosophy as Obsidian. Or they don't anymore, at least.

Barring them handing a shot to, say, a company like Larian, or another smaller, more CRPG-driven developer, we're just going to see Bethesda moving further and further from what even made a Fallout game Fallout.

Xb1ps4491d ago

So Bethesda owns fallout? And they were letting obsidian develop the game?

If that’s the case then at the end of the day obsidian is fallout out and that makes fallout just a name. I’m loving this game right now and it’s just like fallout but with planets, and I just love the space stuff of it..

Only thing is it feels smaller and graphics are meh but now since they are owned by ms I’m expecting a killer outer lands 2, I think fallout is finished

TheRealTedCruz491d ago


Bethesda purchased the rights to Fallout back in 04 after the owner, Interplay, went bankrupt. At the time, the developer who created the Fallout property, then Black Isle studios, were closed. Many of the main creative types moved on to then start either Obsidian Entertainment (Kotor 2, Alpha Protocol, New Vegas) and the now defunct Troika games, most known for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.
The was head of Interplay went on to start inXile games who, after a few sales duds, found their stride developing Wasteland 2 (Wasteland being the inspiration for the Fallout series that would come later), and the latest Planescape release.

But, yeah, anyway, to get back on track Bethesda came to Obsidian, knowing they had a nice amount of talent who had worked on the series prior, and let them make a sort of spin-off of the series. Funnily enough, a lot of the content found in NV was content already worked on for what was going to be Fallout 3 (Van Buren), until Interplay shutdown the studio.
Long story short, New Vegas was rushed by comparison; developed in only a year and a half. Due to time restrictions, and the game engine used already being notorious for stability issues …. New Vegas was very buggy at launch. Still is buggy, though to a far less extent nowadays. All the same, the game reviewed very well and, nowadays, is looked at as the fan favorite by the majority.
Bethesda, now owning the IP, and being used to every one of their releases being treated as gold, got a little salty when everything was said and done and basically ignored requests from Obsidian to make any more Fallout games.

And now we have Outer Worlds; a game that builds on the design philosophy that went into New Vegas. Was definitely smaller in scope; being this was just one, smaller team of Obsidian (though headed by two of the main designers of the original Fallout), and done on a similarly smaller budget. Luckily though, it's reviewing well, a lot of people are talking about it and playing it and, realistically, it's going to be pushed as a major IP by MS going forward because of that.

Xb1ps4491d ago

Wow.. thanks for the info..

When you one smaller team of obsidian are you saying they have another group of team or just that they are one small group?

Who made the other fallout games under Bethesda?

EazyC491d ago

I think I've already mourned Fallout as a series -- it's still got some of the greatest world-design features I've seen in a game and I love the backstory but it really is like a zombie of a series now.... it has been since Fallout 4.

ReadyPlayer22491d ago

Finished my first playthrough and, like an idiot, I didn't unlock SAM because I didn't think to check that part of the ship. So now I'm playing it again, but this time with a more specialized build and different choices.

Can't wait for Obsidian's new RPG!

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