7 Things I Want from God of War 5

7 aspects I want to see appear in the next installment of the God of War franchise

By Lucky Knight

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robtion523d ago

Bring back the ladies. God of War 4 was a little to PC for my liking compared to previous games. Over the top gore is okay but nudity is not?

Abcdefeg523d ago

Sadly this will never happen

PlanetShadow524d ago

I rather liked the RPG element. But pretty much agree with the rest of the list.

Veneno523d ago (Edited 523d ago )

No puzzles if possible or else just a few.
No Atreus.
More classic boss battles like Hades from God of War 3 that utilize platforming.

Those are my big things but the writer here hit it all on the head!

Xaevi523d ago

I honestly can't think of anything other than improving what's already in the first. There's so much good already done that can be improved even more. Maybe more NPCs? Towns, villages, cities. I think that improves a world a lot for me personally

Hardiman523d ago

Everything you said , I'm in agreement 100%! More locations, more diverse bosses and more interesting characters and I'm there.

With the pedigree we're talking I imagine what ever GOW2 becomes it'll blow us away!

isarai523d ago

I know it was an amazing game, and i know im likely alone in this opinion and will get a bunch of dislikes. But i really wanted Santa Monica Studio to move onto a new ip. They've grown to be Sony's biggest, and most supported 1st party studio, and i just feel like all that is a bit wasted on doing the same IP 3 (likely 4) generations in a row.

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