Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Shows Gym MInigames & Limit Break; Dev Explains Squats' Inclusion

With the massively-anticipated release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake coming close, Square Enix is trickling down footage and information about the game.

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Spurg536d ago

Man, no one asked them to overcomplicate the game with rubbish things like this. We want the next FF to have those things, not FF7. All FF7 needed was a new coat of paint and SOME refinements to gameplay...thats it. The game could have been out years ago and the new FF would be on the way.

Abriael536d ago

Nice of you to speak for everyone.

Too bad you don't represent anyone else but yourself.

Spurg536d ago

Pretty sure everyone would have liked a simple remaster(ala Shadow of the colossus remaster) rather than a full remake. Fact is FF7 remake has a chance to backfire, the battle system, expanded story, and episodic releases. What could have been a sure bet by Square Enix may turn against them and tarnish the FF name for a long time.

MasterCornholio536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

"Pretty sure everyone would have liked a simple remaster(ala Shadow of the colossus remaster) rather than a full remake."

Calling Shadow of the Colossus a simple remaster is an insult to Bluepoint games.

They did a lot more than just increasing the resolution and AF.

This is an example of a simple remaster.

I think what fans of the classic FF7 game wanted was a game that's the same as the original but with redone visuals to bring it up to today standards.

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Harkins1721536d ago

They announced it years before the remake was even thought of that it would not be a simple remake to do. And they followed through. Just play the remaster and stay away from the remake

Fraggle1987536d ago

This mini game is in the original, what are u talking about?

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Lionsguard536d ago

"Pretty sure everyone would have liked a simple remaster"

I'm pretty sure you're wrong considering the down-votes and the numerous praise it has gotten at every game show it has appeared at so far. It won best of E3 and had the most accolades. It has even converted nay-sayers like yourself. So yes, maybe stop talking for "everyone". It's just you.

AnotherGamer536d ago

If they did that, it will be the same game just prettier and predictable. Take a look at the RE remakes, the plot of the games are the same but they added new things with a new fresh coat of paint, quality of life improvements and so much more. Besides, the minigames were in the original FF7, so what the hell are you talking about?

Nacho_Z536d ago

I thought I wanted a simple graphical upgrade but this remake looks so well done while being faithful to the original that it makes that idea look very small and unimaginative.

ninsigma536d ago

"Pretty sure everyone would have liked a simple remaster(ala Shadow of the colossus remaster) rather than a full remake"

Couldn't be further from the truth xD

rainslacker536d ago

It's a minigame. It's not that complicated. Every FF game has had minigames.

modsrhypocrite536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

I agree with you aside from everyone wanting it. People always whine for remakes. Graphics override most gamer's brains. Always has. They drool and squeal over graphics. Remakes are always the majority people ask for to make things shinier. (and in the case of RPGs - bitch about turn based combat 🙄)

I am in the minority. Hate remakes, and graphics don't matter to me. Cool graphics are cool, but time and again graphics are put over story and gameplay. Same thing for simplifying. People praise that too. Remasters are fine, but remakes and reboots are meh.

The new FFVII is just an alternate universe retelling all shiny to make the general gamer happy. Might truly be amazing. It does look cool. But no matter the downvotes or tantrums, or insults, or whatever happens here, it isn't the original FFVII just better graphics, and never will be.

I'll play it some day when it's on sale. As I play all JRPGs. Just not interested in what they have done to it.

MeteorPanda535d ago

Wtf? I want them to drag out this game as much as possible. I want them to add to the story, introduce crisis core lote, whatever

goldwyncq535d ago

If you just wanted to play the original but with better graphics then stick with the original. But the rest of us who actually wanted a remake are happy with what they've shown.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash535d ago

@Spurg Not me boi. I like what I'm seeing with this remake.

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oakshin535d ago

Yes!!!yes!!!! Please square pull this off please!!!!!! I bet you!!!!

CrimsonWing69535d ago

I so can’t freaking wait for this game!!!

Juancho51535d ago

Im glad im not gonna feel like I'm playing the same game, I'm sure there'll be tons of surprises and Easter eggs. Im just curious to see all the environments redone, a lot of the areas were beautiful and that was in the 90s!